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  • UV Water Purification is Ultra-Valuable

    Putting a UV lamp in Waterlogic's water purifiers is one of the smartest things we’ve ever done.

    Ultraviolet water purification is one of the most effective ways for disinfecting bacteria from drinking water by destroying its DNA core, eliminating E. Coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis and other water impurities. A UV lamp is also able to treat millions of liters a day, yet it remains low cost and low maintenance. There is no need for toxic and expensive chemicals, and units only need periodic cleaning and a new lamp every six months.

    With water dispensers that contain the UV lamp inside the cooler and models that contain the UV purification at the point of dispense - our UV water purification is pure genius!

    In Tank UV Light Purifier

    With a UV lamp in Waterlogic's water dispensers, we unleashe the power of UV light against water-borne microorganisms that can cause diseases.

    What is UV purification you ask? UV water purification is when the water is is sterilized by placing the UV purification lamp in the very center of each dispenser’s cold water tank. The water purifier tank design and UV lamp specification are matched in every cooler to provide the highest purification possible. The lamp is housed in a quartz sleeve to help maintain maximum operating temperature and stop it touching the water.

    In Tank UV Purification

    Water in the tank receives powerful doses of UV energy, wiping out bacteria but doing nothing to alter the fresh, cleansed taste of every inviting drop you drink. For ultimate protection, we place a UV Sensor on selected models that triggers an alarm if the lamp fails, stemming the supply of water and guaranteeing purity at all times.

    What is UV Water Purification: The Technical Part

    If you must know more, here’s the science. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight comes in three bands of intensity: UVA (suntanning rays), UVB (sunburning rays) and UVC, which has the ‘germicidal’ power to wipe out bacteria and viruses. Waterlogic uses UVC UV lamps in its products. Energy is emitted at 253.7 nm, proven to be the most effective wavelength against microorganisms. We use high-grade lamps in our water purification devices. Better water comes from taking care of details like this.

    Point of Dispense UV Purification

    We've even made our ultraviolet water purifier technology even greater. With our Firewall, the UV lamp is positioned at the point of dispense, destroying 99.9999% of bacteria, 100% of the time. Thanks to our UV water purification methods, the purest, freshest, coldest water is dispensed within your cup.

    UV Purification