Get Waterlogic purity from the office water cooler

Waterlogic POU dispensers bring the purest, freshest, healthiest, most fantastic-tasting water to both the workplace and the home. Premium quality means premium performance. At work, the office water cooler can provide great hydration, which means better productivity. At home, our guarantee of 100% purity means knowing your family’s drinking water is safe. You can choose from chilled, sparkling, ambient or hot options, and there are high-capacity models for even the busiest workplace. Our home and office water dispensers are simply the perfect point of use water coolers.

Waterlogic office water dispensers combine groundbreaking innovation with sleek, stylish design. So they look good, they’re cheaper than bottled water and they reduce your carbon footprint. Pure water, pure genius!

What employees expect from workplace hydration

In a bid to understand the effects of hydration and single-use plastic usage in the workplace, Waterlogic surveyed 6,300 full-time workers across Europe, Australia and America.

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  • Offices

    Boost performance, improve staff morale and provide an endless stream of fresh, invigorating, thirst-quenching, delicious water for every employee with Waterlogic POU dispensers. All while reducing your business costs. Learn more
  • Factories

    Keeping your workforce hydrated with pure, fresh water improves health, lessens fatigue and increases productivity. And you need a constant supply for all those people, all day long? Waterlogic POU dispensers can do it. Learn more
  • Hospitality

    Happy customers. Happy employees. Reduced costs. Installing Waterlogic POU dispensers shows you really care about quality, offering visitors and staff the purest, best-tasting water around. Learn more
  • Education

    Ditch the sugary drinks and give students the healthy alternative with pure, fresh, invigorating water from Waterlogic POU dispensers. Mental performance and alertness get a boost and it’s great tasting, too. Learn more
  • At Home

    The water we and our children drink should be the most perfect on the planet. Liquid purity. Waterlogic POU dispensers give your family the healthiest water possible. Learn more
  • Hospitals & Senior Living Communities

    When hygiene is the Number 1 priority it’s great to know that Waterlogic POU dispensers are guaranteed to eliminate 99.9999% of germs, 100% of the time. Patients and staff alike benefit from ultimate purity. Learn more
  • Building & Refurbishment Projects

    Waterlogic offer a selection of hot, cold and sparkling mains fed dispensers for all building and refurbishment projects. You can specify with total confidence. Learn more