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Getting pure water when & where people want it

People in public and commercial buildings want and expect access to safe and fresh drinking water. At Waterlogic our range of hot, cold and sparkling mains fed dispensers can be chosen with confidence.

Getting water where required

Is it possible to get drinking water to virtually any part of a building? It most certainly is. All we need is access to mains water somewhere within in the building. We don’t just get you water where you want, but we get you water that is 99.9999% germ free, pure and fresh. With our revolutionary Firewall™ technology, every last drop dispensed is purified.

Install with total reassurance

Whether you are installing in your own project or one for your clients, you will get total peace of mind. For over 20 years we have developed advanced technologies and our UV purification is unbeatable. Firewall is used in hospitals and clinics worldwide due to the germ free results it guarantees against microbes. Our machines also feature BioCote on key areas of the machines for anti-microbial surface protection against bacteria.

We are not just innovators in technology, we also build our machines so they are robust and with each dispenser you get reliability. With striking looks, high green credentials and offering long term cost efficiencies, you can select Waterlogic and know it was the right choice.

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