Offering customers pure, fresh, delicious-tasting water from point of use water cooler dispensers reflects your high standards and commitment to quality. Waterlogic POU (point of use) water dispensers also reduce costs, simplify logistics and show that your company is socially responsible by looking after employees and reducing its carbon footprint.

What’s more, Waterlogic point of use water cooler solutions are a way for hotels to demonstrate their approach to sustainability, whilst also offering customers an added-value service. The convenience and dependability are also ideal for the breakfast/dining area where filtered and purified tap water from a point of use cooler is increasingly in demand.

Waterlogic point of use water cooler systems in action

Here is how two hotels have reaped the business benefits ofinstalling Waterlogic cold/sparkling WL 850 point of use water coolers.

Brenner’s Park Hotel and Spa, a 5-star hotel inGermany, eliminated the costs of bottled water, saving money while providing guests with a constant supply of pure, refreshing and beautiful-tasting water from our point of use cooler systems.

The Radisson Blu in Berlin achieved significant cost savings by replacing bottled water for 200 employees with Waterlogic point of use water coolers. The hotel also reduced plastic waste and increased staff well-being, valuable additions to its corporate social responsibility program.

Water Coolers for the Hospitality Industry