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Better Water

All you could wish for and more in a water filtration system

What do you want from a water cooler or a water filtration system? Pure, clean beautiful-tasting water? Peace of mind? To save money? To do a bit more to save the planet? All of the above? If the answer’s Yes to any or all of the above, you’ve got the right people. Please read on about our water purification system options.

  • Simply Pure

    The water we and our children drink should be the most perfect on the planet. Liquid purity. It’s the Waterlogic ethos and the reason we get up in the morning and come into work. Learn more
  • Simply Certified

    Waterlogic dispensers have been tried, tested, approved, signed, sealed and certified by the world’s top standards bodies. If they gave out trophies, we’d have a cabinet full. Learn more
  • Simply Save

    Does your organization care about saving money? Thought so. Yet if you’re still using bottled water, you’re effectively pouring money down the drain. Here are two ways you’re losing out. Learn more
  • Simply Green

    Beyond the obvious — tastes better, goes down smoother — Waterlogic POU dispensers have even more going for them. They’re designed with the environment in mind. Energy, fuel and time are all conserved. Learn more