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Water Quality Association

We care about water quality standards

Selected Waterlogic water dispensers have the Water Quality Association Gold Seal of approval. Believe us, in the water industry these are the big guys when it comes to water quality standards. Their Gold Seal means a water cooler is proven to deliver cleaner, safer water. Their laboratory has subjected Waterlogic machines to a battery of tough tests. How did we do? We won the most recognized certification mark in the water quality & treatment industry. The WQA Gold Seal Quality Mark. Thank you, we’ll take a bow. And you get the very best.

Why is it important?

Not all water filtration and treatment products come close to Waterlogic water quality standards. Some make promises they can’t keep and some can even inadvertently introduce harmful contaminants. With so many water dispensers out there, the easily recognizable Water Quality Gold Seal mark of approval tells you a cooler is safe to use and performs as advertised. All you need to know.

Waterlogic machines with the Gold Seal are:

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a not-for-profit international trade association. For more information, visit www.wqa.org.

Waterlogic coolers are WQA approved