Unrivalled Purity

The world’s first COVID-secure range of UVC water dispensers

Delivering unrivalled water purity, hygiene and security to our customers has always been Waterlogic’s aim. Our patented FirewallTM technology has long been recognised for its ability to purify water up to 99.9999% free of bacteria, viruses and cysts such as Legionella, Salmonella, E.coli, Hepatitis and Rotavirus, keeping you safely hydrated at all times.

Now you can benefit from total peace of mind knowing that Firewall is also tested and scientifically proven effective against the human form of COVID-19.

Independent research by the University of Arizona’s Water & Energy Sustainable Technology Center has confirmed the effectiveness of Firewall’s UVC technology against SARS-CoV-2 (commonly known as COVID-19). It conclusively proved Firewall’s ability to prevent back contamination into the system and the subsequent risk of cross-contamination between users, introducing the world’s first COVID-secure water dispensers.

Dr Gerba

"I have tested the Waterlogic Firewall machine and can confirm it removes COVID-19."

Dr. Charles P. Gerba, Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center, University of Arizona

Firewall was rigorously tested against the human form of COVID-19 by a team of microbiologists from the University of Arizona led by Dr. Gerba, internationally known for his methodologies for pathogen detection in water and food.

Results demonstrated that Firewall is effective in inactivating the human form of the COVID-19 strain with a reduction of over 99.999%.

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