Waste Less, Save More

Does your organization care about saving money? Thought so. Yet if you’re still using bottled water, you’re effectively pouring money down the drain. Here are two ways you’re losing out.

  1. Why pay ‘double’ for your water? Use the water supply to your building, don’t pay extra to have water trucked in.
  2. With a workplace point-of-use water dispenser you pay only one regular fee, no matter how much water your drink.

See what we mean? We’re POU zealots because whichever way you look at it, POU water dispensers add up to be the best option for a cost-conscious workplace.

So let’s get down to business. How much could you save?

Use our cost-saving calculator to identify what you’re really paying for bottled water.

Read real-life examples to find out about the huge savings to be made.

  • Seven Ways to Save

    Do more than just save money. Get a Waterlogic Water Dispenser and save in seven different ways. Learn more
  • Savings Calculator

    The amount you spend on bottled water orders is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many other hidden costs punching a hole in your organization’s bottom line. The water course below shows how. Learn more