Savings Calculator

The amount you spend on bottled water orders is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many other hidden costs punching a hole in your organization’s bottom line.

  • Direct cost of each bottle – up to 100% saving* as there is no cost of bottled water
  • Administration of Bottled Water – up to 100% saving* Simple invoicing and simple pricing structure eliminates the need to plan water usage, order bottles and reconcile complicated invoices
  • Health & Safety Costs – c.100% saving by eliminating the need to store and lift heavy bottles of water
  • Security and disruption costs – c.90% saving as a regular weekly bottle delivery becomes a more convenient 6-monthly machine service
  • Storage Costs – 100% saving by eliminating the need to store large bottles of water
  • Staff Welfare risks – up to 100% saving from better water
  • Corporate image risks – up to 100% saving from better thinking

*With Waterlogic POU you will usually pay one regular Monthly rental fee regardless of how much water you drink.

Thankfully help is at hand. Your local Waterlogic contact can show you just how much a Waterlogic POU water purifier will cost in comparison, and help select the best model for your workplace. You’ll soon be as enthusiastic as we are.

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