Seven Ways to Save

With a Waterlogic water dispenser you’ll stop paying for:

  1. Producing and recycling or dumping plastic bottles (including landfill taxes. Do you like paying taxes? Who does?)
  2. Energy costs that go into the production of bottled water.
  3. Employees to sit working out how many bottles you’ll need then putting in the orders.
  4. Storage of all those bottles (full and empty.) Could you think of anything better to do with that space?
  5. More employees to take delivery of the bottles and others to sort out the invoices. Not to mention the disruption caused by trolleys trundling through the office.
  6. Health and safety compensation claims if people lift 48lb (22Kg) bottles the wrong way and get injured.
  7. Time lost to tummy bugs (and worse) caused by employees drinking water that has not been filtered and purified at the point of use. Some water contains billions of bacteria. Yep, that’s the grim stuff we spend our lives thinking about so you don’t have to.

Simply Save with Waterlogic