The Waterlogic Story

Founded in 1992, Waterlogic was one of the first companies to introduce point-of-use (“POU”) water dispensing systems to Europe and since that time has been a leader in the POU market in terms of product design, quality and the application of new technologies. We are an established organisation that has consistently grown and continues to expand each year. We have successfully grown both organically and through acquisition.

At Waterlogic we have an extensive and expanding independent global distribution network in place, reaching over 50 countries around the world. Waterlogic products are currently being sold in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Our leading markets are the US and Western Europe, in particular Germany, France, Scandinavia, the UK and Australia.

Over our journey there have been a number of acquisitions including the recent acquisition of Aguapura Aguaviva in Spain and AquaInteriör in Sweden. We are also making pure water accessible for domestic usage with our expanding range of water dispenser products for the home.

We continuously invest in new technology and our Firewall technology is another ground-breaking step along the way. Our R&D success and excellent quality controls are made possible as we own our manufacturing facility, which gives us the ultimate manufacturing flexibility.

  • Some Major Moments in Waterlogic History

    • 1992 Company established
    • 1993 First UK sales
    • 1995 Production commences in Korea
    • 1999 US Market Entry
    • 2000 WL UK sold to PHS
    • 2000 Waterlogic launches in Russia
    • 2001 Acquisition of manufacturing facilities in Korea
    • 2001 Waterlogic launches JV in Germany
    • 2002 Acquisition of New Tech (NOR) and Water Pure (FRA)
    • 2004 Chinese manufacturing commences
    • 2004 Two Norway acquisitions
    • 2004 Waterlogic Denmark commenced operation
    • 2005 Acquisitions of Innowave and CoolerSmart (USA)
    • 2005 Acquisition of Elan (NOR)
    • 2006 Acquired Water Works (DEN)
    • 2007 Acquired ESCOWA (SWE)
    • 2009 Major factory expansion
    • 2010 Firewall launch
    • 2010 Acquisitions of New Tech (DEN) and Cool Chili (NOR)
    • 2010 Acquisitions of Frangart (GER) and Health Concepts (USA)
    • 2011 Launch of own filters line
    • 2011 Acquisitions of AquaCure (UK) and InnoTech (USA)
    • 2011 Acquisition of cooler-base of BWT (FRA)
    • 2012 Acquisitions of DSK (NOR), Prisme (FRA)
    • 2012 Acquisition of Aqua Service (NOR & SWE)
    • 2012 Acquisitions of Taylor Made (USA), Aqua Prix (USA)
    • 2012 Acquisition of Aqua Perfect (USA)
    • 2012 Creation of B2B and B2C divisions
    • 2012 Supply agreement with Indesit JV with Eureka Forbes
    • 2013 Acquisition of CCW Group (Australia)
    • 2013 Acquisition of eauvell (Germany)
    • 2015 Castik Capital completes acquisition of Waterlogic plc
    • 2015 Acquisition of Just Water International (Australia) and Unlimited Water (Australia)
    • 2015 Acquisition of Clear Water Group (Norway)
    • 2016 Waterlogic (UK, Ireland, Netherlands) acquired from PHS Group
    • 2016 Acquisition of Aqua Line (Denmark)
    • 2016 Merger of Onesource Water (USA)
    • 2017 Acquisition of Aguapura Aguaviva (Spain)
    • 2017 Acquisition of AquaInteriör (Sweden)