WQA International Award of Merit for Waterlogic staff


Jonathan Ben-David and Heung Soon (Colonel) Kim from Waterlogic China have been recognised by the WQA with an International Award of Merit. The award is being given in recognition for their development of the unique Firewall technology as a breakthrough in water purification innovation.

Both men made a significant contribution to the development of Firewall™, which has revolutionised water purification and quality. The invention provides an intense dose of UV purification at the point of dispense whilst also protecting the spout from back contamination. The technology is the first of its type to achieve NSF/ANSI 55a and P231 together. It is 99.9999% effective, something which has been proven by over 5,000 physical tests by many respected independent laboratories.

Mr Ben-David, Waterlogic CEO Group Manufacturing and R&D comments:
“We are honoured to have received this prestigious award. Firewall is a revolutionary piece of technology, a genuine advancement in water purification that I believe no-one can beat. The invention has a lot of potential since there are a number of different applications that it could be applied to, and the relative small footprint can be adapted to fit many existing technologies.”

The award is given to individuals that have made significant contributions to the international quality improvement industry. My Ben-David and Mr Kim will be presented with their award in April at the WQA Aquatech exhibition in the USA.

You can find out more about Firewall by visiting our dedicated Firewall website here.