Partners FAQs

  • Q: I am not a distributor, but I am interested in the Waterlogic product. How can I obtain further information?

    A: Simply email us and a member of the Waterlogic team will be in contact soon: exportsales@waterlogic.com or fill out our contact us form.
  • Q: What training and other forms of support do you provide for your distribution partners?

    A: Waterlogic’s success is founded on great long-term partnerships with distributors. We’ve been doing this for 20 years so we have vast accumulated water industry know-how. You’ll get extensive technical and commercial training, marketing strategy and materials, and business models specific to your needs. Wherever you are in the world.
  • Q: How reliable is the Waterlogic product?

    A: Extremely. Reputation is everything and ours comes from major investment in R&D plus rigorous quality control before any Waterlogic product is dispatched. Our revolutionary Firewall UV technology guarantees 99.9999% water purity, 100% of the time. To maintain superb performance, six or 12-month service checks should be carried out by a qualified engineer, readily available through Waterlogic. You could say our reliability is watertight
  • Q: What do I need to do to become a distributor?

    A: Complete the Become a Distribution Partner questionnaire and a member of the Waterlogic team will be in contact soon. Tip: hand on your heart, you’ve got to love H2O.
  • Q: What product certifications do you have?

    A: Waterlogic International has been granted the majority of industry certifications, exceeding expectations to win IAMPO R&T, NSF, UL, CE and ISO9001 approval. To find out more, you can visit our Certifications page.
  • Q: What are the pricing structure and payment terms?

    A: It is strict company policy to supply solely through our trading offices and by way of approved dealers and distributors. This information is dicussed on a one-to-one basis.