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    Switch to a bottleless water dispenser today

    Inspired by innovation and an environmental conscience, we have embraced superior technologies to create cutting-edge, highly certified products focused on delivering the freshest, best-tasting water in the safest and most sustainable way.

    Bottleless Advantages

    Spend and waste less

    Our dispensers utilise the mains supply into your building, meaning you don’t pay twice for water. It also means you never have to worry about running out of water, wasting time and space re-ordering and storing bottles, or potential workplace injuries from lifting heavy bottles.

    Total Convenience

    Waterlogic bottleless water dispensers connect directly to your building's water supply and purify it upon dispense to provide an unlimited supply of chilled water.

    Ditch the distraction of water delivery and make your life easier with a point of use water cooler rental from Waterlogic.

    • No lifting heavy bottles
    • No more storing of big water bottles
    • No accidental water spills
    • No interruptions of water delivery

    go bottleless

    environmentally friendly water coolers

    Workplace hydration that is better for the planet

    With only 9% of the one million plastic bottles bought every minute being recycled and with many water dispensers being inefficient with energy use, our workplace water solutions can help your business reduce its reliance on single-use plastic whilst saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint by up to 72%.

    • Reduce your carbon footprint by 72%
    • Decrease your contribution to landfills
    • Take more delivery trucks off the road

    Technology that delivers unrivalled water purity and security

    Our hygiene-first approach is underpinned by patented purification technology, meaning that every drop of water you enjoy from our Firewall® dispensers is virtually free from bacteria and viruses like Legionella and COVID-19.

    Coupled with contactless solutions, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to guarantee total peace of mind.

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    UPC certification

    CE certification


    The world’s most highly certified water dispensers

    Our commitment to purity, quality and security is backed by independent regulatory bodies.

    We strive for excellence in everything we do here at Waterlogic. Our water dispensers have been tried, tested and approved by the world’s top standards bodies in the water treatment industry so you can have complete confidence in our products.