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  • A little about us

    Waterlogic was originally founded in 1992. Since then, we’ve grown into a leader in point-of-use water purification. What does this mean? What makes us different? Why does it matter? Let us tell you.

    First off, we don’t just love water.

    We know water. Inside and out. Like the back of our hand. You have to love it to want to make it your life and, for us, that’s exactly what it is. Water is our passion.

    Meet R&D.

    Research and Development. They’re our friends—our really, really good friends. Not only that. They lead to great things.

    Our whole model is rooted in trying to make the most plentiful substance on Earth as perfect as it can be.

    Only Waterlogic combines sophisticated water filtration with UV purification. On products we manufacture ourselves, we add a special silver anti-microbial protection to round things out. Clearly, we take what we do very seriously and we’re not messing around.

    Our vision is what defines us as a group. Discover who we are through our core values: leadership, authority, reliability.

    Our Vision

    It’s easy to say we’re a leader in mains attached point-of-use (“POU”) drinking water purification and dispensing systems. But we only got up there through a ton of hard work, innovation genius and total dedication to pure, pure water. There may be water, water everywhere, but here’s what makes Waterlogic stand out:

    Brand Recognition

    • Water coolers and brands recognized and trusted throughout the world.
    • Pioneer for POU to Europe and leading the market for design, quality, technology and service, leaving our competitors further behind every day.


    • Manufacturing excellence with state-of-the-art Waterlogic-owned manufacturing facility in China. No compromise on quality.
    • Innovative products that give customers style, function and cool new ideas. Things keep getting better.
    • Advanced technology such as Firewall, the first of its kind and so versatile we’ve given up counting its potential uses.
    • Stringent hygiene parameters and industry certifications. Because we’re not happy until we’re sure we’ve produced the very best we can.
    • Focus on reliability and performance. We get great feedback.
    • R&D investment. Dedicated teams of experienced people we rate as the best POU brains in the world. Always improving, always innovating. Water fanatics one and all.


    • Extensive distribution network and exceptional service. Which is why our customers spread the word and keep coming back for more. Like to join our network? We’re always looking to expand, so let’s talk
    • Vertical integration in key markets, with more distributors and dealers acquired all the time. Yes, Waterlogic is a winner. Why would the world settle for second best?


    • Experienced international management team. Top operators in every job, working their socks off to create pure, pure water.

    Global presence, distribution expertise and industry contacts. Waterlogic is in prime position to bring the cleanest, safest water to ever more consumers around the world.

    We intend to do so by expanding our range of products, incorporating our revolutionary Firewall point-of-dispense UV technology into more applications. With affordable, innovative devices delivering water of ultimate purity in every cup, we intend to break into new markets and increase market share in areas where Waterlogic is already a watchword for quality and value.

    Stronger and Stronger

    That means strengthening our position as both a leading manufacturer and global distributor of POU water technology. We intend to grow Waterlogic brands organically and through selected acquisitions, exploring opportunities when they arise.

    It's our mission to be the best global provider of excellent drinking water solutions to all businesses.

    We’re doing it right now.


    Nothing worthwhile comes easy. We’re constantly bettering and building. As it stands, with offices and service centers across North America and Europe, Asia Pacific and a network of distribution partners.

    And our reach is ever expanding. Having our own manufacturing facility in China that makes all our dispensers doesn’t hurt either. All to get the freshest, cleanest and best-tasting water out to people across the world. Because we just love H2O.