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  • WL 900

    Our WL 900 combines a modern design with the latest technology to bring you the ultimate beverage station with ice plus cold, ambient and hot water! You will enjoy freshly filtered ice and water with our reverse osmosis purification, which removes contaminants such as lead, asbestos, nitrates and pesticides.

    • Serves up to 50 users
    • Reverse osmosis filtration system
    • Expert ice-making technology
    • Integrated water-cooling system with high energy efficiency
    • Leak detection
    • 44 lbs of daily ice production

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    Water Options:

    • Hot
    • Cold
    • Ambient

    The Ice and Water Dispenser 900 has a modern, streamline design with all the features you demand in your workplace with daily ice production of 44lbs and additional storage for 8.8lbs.

    • 3.79 liter cold tank / 6.4 liter hot tank / 17.03 liter ambient
    • +44lbs daily ice production with additional 8.8lbs of storage
    • Integrated ice-making and water-cooling system with high energy efficiency
    • Separate water delivery
    • Reverse Osmosis available
    • Leak detector
    WL 900 image

    Dimensions 17” (W) x 58.25” (H) x 18” (D)
    Color Black
    Weight 119.7lbs
    Filtration Reverse Osmosis available, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Post Carbon
    Hot Tank Capacity 1.4 Gallon
    Cold Tank Capacity 5.5 Gallon
    Ice Capacity 44lbs plus additional 8.8lbs storage
    Water Options Cold, Hot and Ambient
    Ice Storage 8.8LBS