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  • WL2 Firewall® (WL2 FW)

    Fully redesigned with elegant and sleek lines, this stylish water dispenser features Firewall®'s excellent purifying performance for the best tasting water. Along with great looks, it is easy to operate and has a dispensing area suitable for sports bottles with a choice of cold and hot water. This dispenser is designed for all workplaces who need a reliable supply of fresh, purified water. Now available in a taller model for extra convenience.

    • Up to 99.999% Covid-secure
    • Enjoy cold & hot water
    • Perfect for up to 30 users
    • Freestanding, tall and countertop versions available

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    Outstanding performance

    The WL2 Firewall® uses unique Firewall® UV technology at the point of dispense to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bacteria, delivering the purest water possible with every cup dispensed. It also features BioCote®, an antimicrobial compound added to key plastic surfaces that keeps the dispensers fresher and cleaner for longer, protecting against odour causing microbes, such as bacteria, mould and mildew.

    Water options

    • Cold
    • Hot

    Leading technology

    The WL2 Firewall® dispenser has two core technologies, which means that what you get out of your machine is much better than what goes in:

    1. Our filtration technology is exceptional at removing the bad stuff and leaving in the good stuff . This stage removes chlorine and other water-born tastes and odors.

    2. Next, the Firewall® UV purification will wipe out impurities, cleansing the water up to 99.9999%. As an added layer of protection, the UV light keeps the dispensing nozzle from becoming contaminated.

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    User recommendations

    • 15-30
    WL2 Firewall® - Cold & hot water in an instant image

    As clear as can be

    The WL2 Firewall® outperforms industry standards. It has exceeded all expectations of some of the top research laboratories on the planet. Investment in R&D, a ton of hard work and a passion for H20 ensures we deliver the cleanest, clearest water possible.

    Reassuringly certified

    Certified by IAMPO R&T to NSF/ANSI 55 Class-A and P231, the protocol for microbiological water purifiers, Waterlogic's Firewall technology complies to the highest purification standards in the POU industry.

    Eco-friendly refrigeration

    Waterlogic water dispensers now use a natural refrigerant gas called R600a in their compressors, helping with carbon footprint reduction. R600a has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

    Water options Cold and hot
    Type available Freestanding

    Freestanding Tall

    Dimensions Freestanding: 13.7” (W) x 40.3” (H) x 14.3”(D)
    Freestanding Tall: 13.7” (W) x 46.3” (H) x 14.3”(D)
    Countertop: 13.7” (W) x 17.83” (H) x 14.3”(D)
    Dispensing area height 9"
    Weight Countertop: ~44-52 lbs
    Freestanding: ~59-61 lbs
    Freestanding Tall: ~58-61 lbs
    Standard filtration supplied 1 x Carbon
    Storage capacity Hot tank: 0.4 US gal
    Cold tank (Freestanding): 1.06 US gal
    Cold tank (Countertop): 0.53 US gal
    Drip tray capacity 12.70 fl oz
    Compressor Compressor (R134a) 120V/60Hz
    Water temperature settings Cold: 37°/ 41°/ 45°F (default 41°F)
    Hot: 185-189°F (default 185°F)