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  • WL290

    Specifically designed for high volume requirements where Reverse Osmosis filtration is preferred, or where there may be a lower water pressure. The WL290 dispenser delivers both superb quality and high volume perfect for 50+ users at a time. The Reverse Osmosis option ensures high purity filtration that is ideal for contamination situations including boil alerts.

    • Can deliver for 50+ users
    • Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration
    • In-tank UV protection

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    Peak performance in challenging situations

    The Waterlogic WL290 offers the option of Reverse Osmosis technology, where water quality is a real concern, or standard Carbon Filtration. An 11-liter gravity-fed storage tank is ideal in low water pressure areas or where there is an intermittent supply of electricity or water.

    • Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration
    • Gravity-fed storage tank for difficult supply areas
    • Thermal overload alarm for peace of mind
    • Drip tray drainage for convenience
    • Ideal when RO is mandatory
    • Hands-free model available (with foot pedals)

    Water Options:

    • Cold
    • Hot

    2-Steps to Greatness

    The WL290 dispenser has two core technologies which mean that what you get out of your machine is much better than what goes in:

    1. Our filtration technology is really good at taking the bad stuff out and leaving the good stuff in. Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration removes contaminants, chlorine and other water-borne tastes and odours.

    2. Next, an in-tank UV (ultra-violet) lamp purifies the water. UV light wipes out harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis to guarantee a safe, clean drink.

    WL290 - Built for 50+ users image

    As clear as can be

    Quality and safety are guaranteed in this clever, high-performing machine. Investment in R&D, a ton of hard work and a passion for H20 mean Waterlogic deliver pure, fresh water, cup after cup.

    Certified for peace of mind

    WL290 is approved by international water body organisations. It is certified by IAMPO R&T to NSF/ANSI 61 standard, and it is compliant to WRAS and ETL requirements.

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    Type Available Freestanding
    Dimensions 15.5” (W) x 46” (H) x 14.5” (D)
    Dispense area height 9.0”
    Weight 62 lbs
    Recommended filtration Reverse Osmosis or 1 x Carbon Block (CBC),
    Sediment, GAC, CBC with lead and cyst removal
    (dependent on local water conditions)
    Storage capacity Chilled reservoir: ~ 3 gal
    Cold hybrid tank: ~ 1 gal
    Total cold capacity: ~ 4 gal
    Hot tank (500 Watt): ~ ½ gal
    185° F (thermistor-controlled)
    Dispensing capacity (Cold) More than 2 gallons per hour
    Compressor 1/10-hp, 90-Watt
    Water temperature settings Cold: 37°/ 41°/44° F (default set at 41°F)
    Hot: 176°/ 185°/ 199° F (default set at 185°F)