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  • Sparkling Water Dispensers
    Sparkling Water Dispensers

    Waterlogic water dispensers invigorate your workplace with refreshing sparkling water throughout the day. The WL500 delivers exceptional sparkling water and all your chilled and hot water needs, too. This fully programmable model features advanced thermistor controls for more precise temperature control, UV light purification and large capacity CO2 to keep up with the busiest of offices.

    Why businesses choose Waterlogic sparkling water dispensers

    Sparkling Water Options

    Not Just Sparkling

    With a large capacity CO2 tank, this high capacity bottleless water cooler does more then just sparkling water. This model also provides you with cold, hot, and extra hot water options.

    Water Technology

    Advanced Technology

    Created to dispense pure tasting water, Waterlogic's sparkling water dispenser has advance technology that includes a multi-stage filtration system, in-tank UV light and BioCote Anti-Microbial Protection.

    Water Design

    Modern Design

    This modern sparkling, bottleless water cooler not only has a countertop and free-standing model to choose from, but it also has a digital display, which can be programmed in three different languages.

    Want more water cooler options? Waterlogic has them.

    Made to the highest standards, only Waterlogic provides a full range of free-standing and countertop bottleless water dispenser models. By combining cold, hot, ambient, sparkling and even ice water options, Waterlogic gives you an assortment of sophisticated and stylish bottleless coolers that will fit your workplace needs and standards.

    These fully certified water dispensers combine multistage water filtration that provides an endless amount of purity with every dispense.

    Image of product WL500 - Brilliant Sparkling
    A premium water dispenser combining high capacity and a wide range of options as well as Waterlogic’s purity guarantee.


    • Cold, Hot, Extra Hot and Sparkling Water
    • Tower and Countertop Models
    • Sleep Mode
    • Ultraviolet Light Sanitization
    • UV Indicator and Drip Tray Alarm