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    Rental, Aftercare & Servicing Your Water Cooler

    With Waterlogic you can rely on detailed advice, personal customer contact and technical support to ensure your water cooler is running perfectly.

    Water Cooler Service

    Waterlogic have service offerings across the nation, so you will always find a water technician in your area. Our technicians ensure a smooth service and regular maintenance for several thousand corporate customers. As a Waterlogic customer, you will benefit from:

    • Swift delivery and seamless installation
    • Regular replacement of filters and UV lamp
    • Water dispenser maintenance

    water cooler

    Delivery and Installation

    The Waterlogic goal is to find the perfect solution for every customer. We take the time to visit your business in order to assess your rental needs and ensure a seamless installation of your chosen water dispenser.

    All we need at the intended location is access to a water connection. A Waterlogic technician will deliver the unit, connect it to your water supply and provide an introduction to the functions.

    Hygiene Maintenance and Repair

    Uninterrupted water cooler maintenance is carried out by certified technicians who take care of changing the filter and UV purification lamp twice a year to ensure optimal water quality.

    Our service centres enable us to promptly respond to the concerns of our customers so we are always there for you during your time of need.

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