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Billi Firewall® Tower

99.99% pure water, 100% of the time

Billi Firewall® Tower Dispenser combines our Firewall® purification technology with infrared sensors to provide contactless access to highly purified, great-tasting boiling and chilled water. Compatible with Billi's existing Quadra range, the Firewall® Tower dispenser combines the latest in safe water technology with the convenience of instant boiling and chilled water.

Water options:

Cold Extra Hot
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Firewall Tower Dispenser

Why choose the Billi Firewall® Tower?

Billi Firewall Tower®

Silver turbo clean

Firewall® patented and certified UV technology thoroughly purifies water all the way through to the dispensing nozzle, preventing viruses and bacteria getting into the system.

Billi Firewall Tower®

Unrivalled performance

The system engineered to deliver an abundance of ice-cold still and sparkling water can dispense up to 17 litres per hour of water at near-freezing temperatures.

Billi Firewall Tower®

Continuous protection

For your peace of mind key surfaces of the WL7 FW are infused with BioCote® technology, that continuously restricts microbial growth around the dispensing area, helping to reduce degradation of key surfaces and the potential for cross contamination.

Don't compromise on safety and quality

The Billi Firewall® Tower offers the best quality chilled and boilling water at your health and agedcare environment. It is also focused on energy savings and safety whilst offering the very best in innovation, superior performance and reliability.

Ideal for the following environments:

Aged care


Billi Tower IR sensors cold water
Billi Firewall Tower front - detail
Billi Firewall Tower front
Billi Firewall Tower front with cup
Billi Firewall Tower side with glass

Resources and downloads

Download helpful information here to get the very best from your Billi Tower

Billi Firewall® Tower Brochure


The ultimate contactless chilled and boiling dispenser

Model name Number of users Delivery cups per hour Power supply
Quadra 440 up to 40 150 boiling / 175 chilled 10
Quadra 460 up to 60 180 boiling / 175 chilled 10
Quadra 4100 up to 100 250 boiling / 175 chilled 15


  • Infrared sensors to offer contactless water
  • Ideal for the health and aged sectors.
  • Unique above the bench tower design.
  • Guarantees 99,99% pure water, 100% of the time.
  • Function buttons boiling nozzle & dip tray float with BioCote® protection.
  • Connects with Billi's boiling and chilled Quadra range.
  • Versatile installation, no sink required.
  • The drip tray holds 350ml of water and can be easily removed to empty water reserve.
  • Caters for larger water bottles (up to 260mm size bottles).

Guaranteed protection:

  • UV light to eliminate 99.9999% of the impurities in drinking water.
  • The UV lamp is placed at the point of dispense, eradicating germs just before the water reaches the glass.
  • Renders waterborne bacteria incapable of reproduction and prevents back-contamination.
  • Drinking water is free from microorganisms such as coliform, salmonella, legionellae, Pseudomonas and the hepatitis virus.


  • 385mm (H) x 150mm (W) x 225mm (D)

Water Options:

  • Chilled and boiling

Service you can trust with Total Care

We build long-term relationships with all our customers. To keep your product performing at it's best our Total Care service provides piece of mind with hassle free installation and regular servicing and maintenance from our fully qualified technicians.

Billi Firewall Tower®

Easy installation

Before you know it you will be enjoying great-tasting water at your fingertips. Our expert service technicians do all the hard work for you, installing your new water system at a date and time to suit you.

Billi Firewall Tower®

Regular servicing

Each service includes sanitation and filter replacements ensuring your product is running smoothly without compromise. Our preventative maintenance ensures a trouble-free operation for total peace of mind.

Billi Firewall Tower®

Professional maintenance

In the unlikely event of a problem our Total Care team are ready to help. Once our friendly customer service team understand the issue we'll send our expert technicians to repair your issue as quickly as possible.

Billi Firewall Tower®

Nationwide coverage

We provide local service on a national scale. Wherever you are located across the country our dedicated nationwide team of service staff guarantees we can help you and your business wherever you are.

Billi Firewall Tower®

Interested in the Billi Firewall® Tower?

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