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  • Angel Waterlogic in Cambridge

    Supplying water coolers to businesses in Cambridge

    Cambridge has been supplied and serviced by Angel Waterlogic for a number of years. We provide a local service across various industries in England, Scotland and Wales, including SMEs and large enterprises.

    Cambridge and surrounding areas are supported by the Hemel Hempstead distribution depot, which enable us to continue providing a hassle free service to all our customers.

    Distribution depots near your city

    Hemel Hempstead Depot

    5 Swallow Park
    Finway Road
    Hemel Hempstead
    HP2 7QN

    0844 812 4568

    Angel Waterlogic England

    Why Businesses in Cambridge choose Angel Waterlogic


    Range of Dispensers

    An endless supply of cold, hot, extra hot and sparkling water options, with the additional choice of freestanding and countertop water coolers.



    Our water specialists work to provide the perfect advice to ensure you select a dispenser that suits your workplace and requirements.


    ​Regular Servicing

    Twice yearly servicing and regular maintenance checks by qualified technicians keeps your water running in perfect condition.