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  • 10 Gadgets to Keep Your Workplace Healthy & Productive

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    10 Gadgets to Keep Your Workplace Healthy & Productive

    The two things in life that are critical to your survival are your health and your job. Unfortunately, many people forget about their health and instead, they focus on their work endlessly. This kind of attitude is dangerous to your health as sedentary lifestyles may lead to a variety of medical conditions. However, it is important to understand that no one wants to be unhealthy voluntarily. The problem is that getting a chance to become fit is almost impossible with tight work schedules. To deal with this problem, here are 10 gadgets to keep your workplace healthy & productive.

    1. The StorkStand

    People spend many hours just sitting while at work. It means that there muscles and bones become weak over time. This weakness affects their legs more than any other part of their body. However, working at your desk is almost impossible without sitting. Well, almost impossible. StorkStand is a new gadget that turns your chair into a desk so you can work on it while standing upright.

    1. The LumoBack

    Back pain is a reality that most people have to deal with at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, some people suffer from chronic back pain. The workplace and classroom environments encourage slouching and as such, your back never develops in the way God intended it to develop. This App alerts you when you sit improperly causing unnecessary strain to your back. It will remind you to stand or sit upright.

    1. The Cubii Elliptical

    An elliptical is a critical part of any gym equipment. It helps people to exercise his legs and improve the circulation of blood in his body. Unfortunately, a normal elliptical is too big and too conspicuous for a person to fit into an office. However, the Cubii Elluptical solves this problem. It is small enough for you to fit it under your desk. It means that you can exercise as you work.

    1. The Dumbbell Alarm

    Having an office that promotes workplace health is a difficult task because nothing in the office relates to workplace health. Instead, every traditional gadget in the office is there to promote workplace productivity. In such an environment, you need dumbbell alarm, which reminds you of when it is time for you to do some exercise. A few reps once or twice in the day will keep you healthy and energetic.

    1. The Darma Smart Cushion

    You compromise your workplace productivity by straining your body. The Darma Smart Cushion helps you solve this problem. It monitors your sitting habits, posture, and stress level alerting you to when you need to do some exercise. This cushion improves your workplace health by helping you adopt healthy sitting habits and as such, reduce the stress levels on your body.

    1. Simtec Carpet Skates for Your Office

    Without fun, there would be no work done at the office or it people would work as well as they should. Carpet skates offer you an opportunity to slide and glide on your office carpet. People would enjoy moving from one part of the office to another instead of sitting alone at their desk the whole day.

    1. The Honeywell Air Purifier

    Workplace health is impossible without clean air. Sadly, the air has more impurities today than a few years ago. This air purifier will make your office more tolerable than it is today by providing you with fresh air anytime you are at your desk. Studies show that it captures at least 95% of all airborne particles that come near your desk.

    1. The Flower Pot with USB Control

    An increase in beautiful scenery in your office encourages an increase in workplace productivity. Flowers are the most scenic items you can place easily and conveniently at your desk. However, remembering when to water them or otherwise care for them is difficult because your work is keeping you busy. However, this special flower pot comes with a USB cable that will remind you periodically of all the things you need to do to keep your flowers healthy.

    1. The QC-35 Headphones

    The workplace productivity of many laborers would shrink dramatically if they do not get a chance to listen to their favorite music while working. Unfortunately, listening to music while you are at the office is difficult even when you use headphones because of all the noise in your environment. The best thing for you to do is to buy the QC-35 wireless headphones that cancel all the noise emanating from your surroundings.

    1. The Hydros Water Bottle

    This specialized water bottle filters your water quickly, and it has antimicrobial protection. It is also BPA free. Having it means that you can safely keep yourself hydrated while at work. You do not have to depend on tap water or the office dispenser. You can now use clean and safe water to stay hydrated.