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  • 10 people, you should be following on Twitter if you want to grow your business fast

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    10 people, you should be following on Twitter if you want to grow your business fast

    Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform, where the impacts of tweets can be enormous although their visibility can be short lived. Building is important but following influencers and business people who can influence and inform your way of business thinking is just as important too. Your company may have customers concentrated in one geographic place, but with the power of social media behind it, you can reach a global audience of followers, fans and clients. Bearing this in mind, we have looked for the top 10 UK-based entrepreneurs and other global business players you should be following on Twitter:

    Victoria Beckham

    It may not seem an immediate or obvious choice but this former Spice Girl runs one of the fastest growing fashion brands. Although her tweets may not contain hard and fast business advice, if your business is in the fashion industry or relates to it, her tweets can be a valuable insight into up and coming trends as well as the challenges of running a business with an annual turnover of some £30 million a year. With a staggering growth rate of 2,900%, checking out VB on Twitter seems an obvious choice.

    Find her @victoriabeckham

    Richard Branson

    With over 5 million followers, Richard Branson’s social media accounts are all active and all useful. His tweets contain a mix of motivational quotes, along with business advice and some personal insights into his business and life. He also shares some great articles using his hashtag #readbyrichard.

    Find him @RichardBranson

    Alan Sugar

    Casting ‘The Apprentice’ aside for the moment, the story behind Lord Sugar and his business is an interesting one, showing the highs and lows of running a business. With business advice delivered in a straight-talking manner, he also uses his Twitter for his personal opinions on everything from football to business, to politics. You won’t always agree with him, but he is always willing to discuss things.

    Find him @Lord_Sugar

    Steven Blank

    You may not have come across this professor of entrepreneurship yet but now is the time to discover the author of Four Steps to the Epiphany. He tweets on all kinds of subjects including business plans and start-up resources. He also provides links to his well-written, easy to follow advice blogs.

    Find him @sgblank

    Anita Campbell

    Anita is founder and CEO of Small Business Trends, a blog that pulls together all kinds of information, resources, trends and practical advice on small business from across the web. With a knack for finding useful information, following her on Twitter will see you access all kinds of information and ideas you may find useful.

    Find her @smallbiztrends

    Fred Wilson

    As a leading investor in Twitter, you would expect him to be active on the platform, and he certainly is. Tweeting every day and throughout the day, he has a lot to say that is not only interesting, but also influential in many spheres of business. He keeps his ear close to the ground, as well as his eyes open, spotting upcoming trends and changes like no one else. He also has an influential blog that is worth checking out too.

    Find him @fredwilson

    Tim Berry

    The president and founder of Palo Alto Software have over 6,000 followers but may be someone you have not heard of directly. For start-up and small businesses, however, he could prove to be incredibly useful in the early days of business. The ‘plan-as-you-go’ business plan has proved a huge hit and his tweets also prove useful when it comes to sound business advice. His tweets include nuggets such as “if you are going to investments, you should choose an investor like a spouse”.

    Find him @Timberry

    Bernadeen Mcleod

    Bernadeen runs her business coaching service. With over 18 years in the corporate arena, she is a great example of what a successful entrepreneur can look like. Her Twitter is full of solid advice, links to articles and resources too.

    Find her @Bernadeen

    Seth Godin

    What is there not to enjoy about Seth, his blogs and tweets? Instantly recognisable from his colourful glasses, Seth’s blog is full of wonderful business advice, ideas and information that is simply too good to miss.

    Find him @ThisIsSethsBlog

    Caterina Fake

    As co-founder of Flickr and Hunch, Caterina has plenty of great advice and shares this business acumen, along with the challenges and positives of being a female entrepreneur in what could still be seen as a man’s world.

    Find her @Caterina