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  • 14 Water Facts for 2014

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    14 Water Facts for 2014

    As we settle into a new year, here are 14 fascinating water-based facts to whet your intrigue. 1. Whilst many will know a human body is typically 60% water, did you know that, at birth, water accounts for a staggering 80% of an infant’s body weight? 2. On a similar note, human blood is actually 83% water. 3. Much like humans, the planet’s surface is predominantly water. Somewhere between 70% and 75% of the surface of the earth is covered with the wet stuff. 4. Despite this, only about one per cent of the Earth’s water can be used directly by humans. 5. Statistics suggest the average UK person uses 150 litres of water each day. The biggest water drainer? Flushing the toilet! 6. Whilst the average human can survive up to a month without food, they would only live about a week without a supply of water. 7. Interestingly, too much water can also be dangerous as too little water. This is because it can lead to water intoxication – this dilutes the level of sodium in the bloodstream and also imbalances water in the brain. Not good! 8. Water in its purest form of hydrogen and oxygen is PH neutral, that is to say it is neither acidic nor alkaline. 9. However, water can actually dissolve more substances than sulphuric acid, making it the most potent liquid in that sense. 10. Obviously, our skin isn’t vulnerable to dissolving in water (thankfully!). In fact, water can actually make your skin look fresh as it naturally moisturises it to give it a healthy-looking glow. 11. Water can also help maintain energy levels. Often when we feel hungry, we’re actually feeling the effects of a lack of water. Dehydration is a big cause of daytime fatigue. 12. A massive 1.5 billion people across the globe do not have access to safe, clean water. 13. Having a quick shower will use less than two-fifths of the water required for a bath. 14. Water regulates the Earth’s temperature.

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