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  • 5 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

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    5 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

    There are thousands of ideas out there about how to maintain, promote and increase productivity. From jogging round the block to get the circulation flowing to drinking green tea at 4 pm, there are all kinds of suggestions, some wise, some not so good… We have collated five tips on ways to boost your productivity from a whole host of ideas (and have even squeezed in an extra bonus tip too!) Tempus Fugit Have you noticed that you have an optimum time when you work best? When is it? First thing in the morning – head buzzing at 4 am? – or are you a night owl? Not all workplaces can accommodate these hours but more and more businesses realise that allowing people to work flexibility and at times that are best for them, can be a way of actually increasing productivity. That said, if time is more about being stuck in the morning rush hour, then you could start earlier or stay later, whichever suits you. When it comes to time, however, it is important to note that working those 10+ hours a day is not doing anything for your productivity level other than wearing you out. Seriously, stop it. Plan the next day, the night before Take a moment to surf the web on what top entrepreneurs do and you will come across this suggestion time and time again. They will spend time planning their next day’s work the night before. Think about it, and you know that it makes sense. You are at the end of one day but the project is not finished, thus you are at the perfect juncture to decide where you need to go with it next, and what you need to do. So, try this:

    • Make a to-do list
    • Star those tasks that are prioritised for the next – separate this into one big priority, three smaller ones and five tiny things that just need doing (like washing your coffee mug at the end of the day,)
    • If you prioritise everything, you will get nothing done.
    Leave the office for lunch (and take breaks too!)

    Seems odd that we are talking about productivity and yet we are suggesting that you bowl on out the door for a while.

    The brain is not equipped nor is it capable of focusing for long periods of time. It needs a break, your eyes need a break, your ears need a break, you need fresh air and you need to get your blood pumping again.

    So a brisk walk to the park/café/ job around the car park is all ways of increasing productivity by allowing your body some respite from the assault of work. So, take lunch and take short breaks in between too.

    Fight distractions

    They all lurk, calling your name – Facebook, Twitter, news sites, your other half texting asking what is for tea, your kids texting asking what is for tea, your mother calling about the upcoming family party… - we could go on, but you get the drift.

    Distractions are everywhere and they vary from day to day, person to person. This is about will power as much as anything; if you have allocated an hour to the project then dedicate an hour to it (then check Facebook for updates).

    Keep your goals in sight

    When we drift or feel we are drifting, productivity takes an automatic nose dive. It’s a bit like when someone says that they cannot get something done unless there is a deadline hanging over them. This makes sense.

    When there is a goal, there is pressure as there is a need. You can set these objectives, or they may be set for you.

    There is a danger in this, however. It may be that when we reach and surpass these goals that we just carry on pushing on to the next one. The problem is that this is no good either. This is tantamount to wearing yourself to a frazzle.

    So, when you achieve a goal, just wallow in this moment of ‘I did it!’ and how great it feels to have your productivity sky high!

    BONUS – drink water

    There is science behind this one, we promise.

    The body is mostly made up of water. The brain is heavily saturated with the stuff – or it should be. Unfortunately, when we don’t drink enough, we lose focus, and thus, we lose productivity.

    Stay bright and alert and exchange, at least, one cup of tea or coffee in every day with a decent glug of water. But, we hear you say, it’ll mean I’ll have to keep going to the loo… this break away from your desk will do you good too!