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  • 7 office productivity hacks – 7 various ways to save time during the day

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    7 office productivity hacks – 7 various ways to save time during the day

    Today’s modern office is not just crowded with people. They are awash in all kinds of technology, from multiple screens to super-computers, tablets, intelligent printers and more. All of this has revolutionised the world in which we live and work, in the main, for the better. But, when the technology ‘goes down’, we are all left swimming in a sea of uncertainty, as well as paper and pens. However, there is another danger than lurks within the technological world that we live or, more importantly, in which we work. Those PCs, laptops and tablets, along with the smart phones, all have a habit on not only consuming battery power, but our time… and at a time when we can ill-afford to give it away. Being side-tracked when surfing the web can have dangerous consequences – one being the drop in productivity, followed by the financial cost of people not quite doing what they should be doing. However, as always, there are solutions to this and here are 7 office productivity hacks to lift you out of the doldrums of being side-tracked, as well as when technology goes awry…

    1. Block the ads

    Might sound a bit far-fetched or even too light a touch to be of any consequence but, for people who spend their working day on the PC and, more importantly, in the Internet, the ads that pop up at random points in the day can be distracting.

    Thus, invest in so kind of ad blocker that stops these infuriating things from bobbing before your eyes. It wills save you money and time.

    2. Share your computer

    You would think that increasing productivity would simply mean battening down the hatches and focusing on what you are doing but, in some cases, this can lead to unproductive tunnel vision.

    Bearing in mind you need a life/work/balance, you can add a program to your PC that allows you to share your computer. This does not mean inviting someone else to use it, but it means should you forget to download a file and take it home to work on, you can remotely access your Pc from home (or anywhere).

    3. Pivot charts

    For those in the analysis of data game or setting, there are many tools for use to be able to crunch data, numbers and stats but they can all take time to set up in the background or so to speak.

    Microsoft Excel 2013 has a trademark option to be able to create a pivot table without all the hassle of creating a pivot table. Simply clicking in the column you want, you will have a whole load of recommended charts from which to choose.

    With no ads to distract you and the ability to share your PC, after only 3 hacks your productivity is beginning to soar.

    4. Receipts

    In the busy office, and in some sectors, employees will submit a whole bunch of receipts for refund and this can present a paperwork nightmare. Auditors require paper trails but even these are going electronic now.

    For this in possession of a smart phone, take a look round Play Store or Apple store and keep a look out for apps that scan, save and sort your receipts. One app that many people use for this is Receipt bank but there are others that may suit you better.

    No longer will you need to clip them together or face the frustration of losing your receipt.

    5. Keeping customers happy

    ALL business revolves around the customer being super happy with everything about the business, from the way the phone is answered to how quickly their query elicited a response. Keeping an eye on all this feedback, and changing habits and routines accordingly can be an activity that consumes hours.

    Again, there are various apps and programs that take the hassle out of all of this, creating and collating all this information in to a format that you can easily access and read. Zendesk is just one customer satisfaction monitoring tool.

    6. Sync and backup data… straight away

    Doing it once a month takes and age – have you seen all the data you create in a day, let alone a month? – but there are times when smart phones, tablets and laptops all need to be synchronised with each other, just to make the flow between one piece of equipment and another much easier and smoother.

    Streamlining this back-up and syncing process can save eons of time; MozyPro is just one type of program from which you could benefit.

    7. Access the Cloud!

    However, the biggest impact on productivity (and loss of it!) is when we cannot access important files because the USB stick has been forgotten or worse, lost, along with stuff being on the hard drive of the laptop that has just been left on the bus.

    Save time and stress by creating and saving work in the Cloud. Important stuff on Google Drive, as an example, is just one way of making sure important documents are never lost…