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  • Seven Tricks To Showing Your Customers Exceptional Hospitality

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    Seven Tricks To Showing Your Customers Exceptional Hospitality

    Hospitality is not often a word associated with customer service. But, it is essential for retaining satisfied customers who keep your profits up.Businesses can learn how to be warm and welcoming to their customers from the hospitality industry. Showing hospitality in the office will ensure your clients receive excellent customer service and attention that will show them that you value them.

    Here are seven tips that you can adopt in your office to ensure excellent service.

    Find A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

    For the most part, when we are in the same environment every day it becomes hard to see the area from a customer’s perspective. Ask someone who isn’t an employee to visit your office and make comments from the point of view of the customer.

    Is the entrance welcoming?

    Are the directions clear?

    Does the reception area look tired and dated?

    First impressions are important to the client and should be important to you too. The aesthetics will be a deciding factor as to how comfortable they feel. While you may not be able to afford to redecorate completely, a quick lick of paint and a new door sign can make all the difference.

    Train All Employees

    Welcoming customers is not just the responsibility of the reception staff; all employees should be trained to treat all clients as their personal customers. It is essential that all staff are trained in how to welcome guests and to show great hospitality.

    Employees should look to make eye contact and smile at visitors and customers. Where necessary, they should say hello and ask if they can help. Sometimes customers can get lost in offices, so if all employees have the same hospitality standards towards customers- you can rest assured that clients are always well accommodated

    Offer Self-Serve Refreshments

    Customers should be able to help themselves to drinks whenever they want to. Whilst it is nice to offer initially, a client may feel much more comfortable doing it themselves. Have a refreshments station set up in a client-facing area and make sure that all customers know where to find it. Let them know that they are free to serve themselves, particularly if they are waiting or preparing for a meeting.

    The refreshment station should be clean and tidy with a stock of mugs for the coffee machine and glasses for a watercooler. A bowl of fresh fruit or individually wrapped snacks should be available. This station is the perfect welcoming touch that shows the client that their visit is important to you.


    If possible, make sure your reception staff and employees know who the visitors and customers are by name. Having a guest list at reception or a message on your intranet will help employees remember which customers are visiting and, where relevant, speak to them personally.

    If you have many visitors, a board at the reception welcoming them is an added touch which goes the extra mile with exceptional hospitality. It’s only a small task, but it will satisfy your customers.

    Meet And Greet

    If you share your office with other organisations or don’t have a specific receptionist, make sure you are there to welcome your customer. It can be a terrible first impression for customers if they get lost finding you or have to ask where you are.

    To make sure that your client is not left fending for themselves, go to the entrance and meet them. Guide them to your office and explain how to get there in future so that they can come and go as they please during their time with you.

    Offer Reading Material

    If waiting is inevitable, then make sure there is an appropriate and comfortable waiting space where your customer can relax. If you have a company policy or mission statements, have them displayed prominently and professionally on your walls. This gives your customers a chance to further understand your business.

    Make sure to check the reading material regularly. Don’t have a newspaper that’s weeks out of date or tatty and frayed magazines. If possible, have literature relating to your business or industry sector so customers can see your achievements and your ambitions.

    Offer More

    In every client based situation, there is a chance to give great hospitality. If clients have never been to your office before, email them a map and clear directions. Ask if there is anything you can do to make their stay more comfortable. If customers are staying all day, offer lunch or give a welcome pack at the start of their day. Include a map of local eateries and show them which spaces in the office they can use. To give great hospitality, always think about what else you can offer to exceed their expectations.