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  • Mains-fed Free Standing Water Dispenser – WL2000

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    Mains-fed Free Standing Water Dispenser – WL2000

    Access to high-quality drinking water is vital in workplaces, leisure centres, community spaces, retail outlets and home offices. Having fresh, clean-tasting and chilled water readily available is important to keep people staying hydrated and healthy. Thanks to the great tasting high-quality water that comes from the WL2000 freestanding water dispenser, it is easy for people to keep their water levels topped up. If you want to encourage people to drink more water in your office or public space, then choose the WL200 freestanding water dispenser to give people access to enjoyable, chilled and filtered water. Why Choose a Mains Fed Water Dispenser? A mains-fed machine delivers a constant supply of water; the WL2000 machine produces 50 cups of chilled, filtered water every hour. For busy places with a high footfall, a mains-fed machine is a must-have so that it can provide beautifully clear water quickly and efficiently. Mains-fed machines also do away with many of the problems that come with bottle-fed water dispensers. With mains-fed water dispensers, there is no heavy lifting to replace the awkward and cumbersome bottles; water is fed straight from your mains supply, as it is directly plumbed in. With a mains fed machine, you won’t need to find storage space for water bottles, just one sleek machine and your valuable storage space back. Why Choose The WL2000 Mains-fed Free Standing Water Dispenser?

    • The machine has a sleek and stylish design with a sophisticated silver and charcoal grey finish
    • Mains-fed supply means you have constant access to fresh, chilled water
    • The water filter technology ensures a clean, crisp and great taste
    • The freestanding design means you can install it wherever is most convenient for you from corridors, staff rooms, visitor areas or meeting rooms
    • Direct chill technology gives you a cool and refreshing glass of water every time you fill up
    • Anti-microbial protection gives peace of mind for safe and hygienic water.
    The Benefits Of The WL2000 Mains-fed Free Standing Water Dispenser

    For staff, customers and visitors it is important to make sure you find the right machine that suits their needs as well as the needs of your business. The WL2000 dispenser offers a sophisticated design that looks good in any setting. The silver and charcoal grey colour will suit any décor and is easy to fit into available spaces, as it is just 345mm wide and 367mm deep. The freestanding design is 1030mm, perfect for easy reach and refilling.

    The durable and robust construction of the dispenser means that it is perfect for high-traffic areas, with the ability to fill 50 cups of chilled water per hour. The WL2000 water dispenser also features a large drip tray with a 1.4-litre capacity, which is ideal for busy areas, when it is not easy to keep emptying the tray and maintaining the area. This keeps your water dispenser hassle free and easy to look after, perfect for keeping your customers and visitors happy and hydrated and means that you can offer refreshment in an easy to manage way.

    The WL2000 Water Dispenser offers two options;

    • Cold only
    • Hot and cold

    Depending on your needs both machines can provide great tasting filtered water as well as a heated element so you can offer your staff, customers and visitors an array of hot and cold drinks. The variety this water dispenser provides means that it is ideal for conference areas, meeting rooms, canteens and visitor lounges.

    The WL2000 mains-fed water dispenser also offers the latest technology in water filtration to ensure the freshest and cleanest taste. The water dispenser provides a 1-micron carbon filtration to deliver high-performance filtration, so that staying hydrated is easy and enjoyable. To ensure the highest quality and safest water, the machine also boasts BioCote® anti-microbial protection to ensure the machine continues to produce clean, healthy and safe water for as long as possible.

    What Do I Need To Install The WL2000 Mains-fed Free Standing Water Dispenser?

    1. The space for the machine - it is 1030mm in height, 345mm wide and 367mm deep.
    2. Power- each water dispenser requires a 13A (240 AC) switched socket that is less than one metre away from the machine
    3. Water – the machine should ideally be no more than one metre away from the pipework from a rising main

    If you need any assistance in understanding the requirements needed to install a water dispenser, our in-house service team will be able to conduct a survey to ensure you can install the machine in your preferred setting.