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  • A Hot Drink for Every Occasion

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    A Hot Drink for Every Occasion

    The quickest way to dehydrate yourself during the course of the day and set your nerves jangling is to constantly drink strong coffee. And yet many of us do, because caffeine is so addictive. We walk past the free mains fed water coolers at work every day and head out to buy expensive, calorie-filled drinks that are packed with sugary syrups, additives, caffeine and those delicious coffee beans! No one is denying that a good-quality coffee makes a great treat and some scientists believe that an occasional coffee can provide health benefits and a general boost. But this refers to your basic espresso, latte or Americano, not marshmallow and sugar-topped confections with added sweeteners! So, do your purse and waistline a favour and experiment with other ways to drink sufficient water. Why not visit the mains fed water coolers in the morning and fill up a jug of cold, clear water, to which you can add several ice cubes and lemon slices, depending on how fancy you feel. Why not try a green or white tea for incredible health benefits? Oolong tea is also thought to have various protective compounds and it tastes great too. For mid-morning, why not try a warming ginger blend with cinnamon to balance your blood sugar? It's naturally sweet too, so you won't feel as inclined to snack. Alternatively, experiment with one of the many herbal blends that promote detoxification, cleansing, energy and other health benefits. After lunch, try fennel or peppermint to soothe your digestion and freshen up your breath, and in the afternoon why not try a chicory alternative to coffee, or even treat yourself to a chocolate-flavoured herbal tea made from cacao shells? You'll be amazed at the variety on offer and your taste buds will rapidly adjust to appreciate the more subtle flavours at work. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.