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  • A Simple Guide to Drinking Sufficient Water

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    A Simple Guide to Drinking Sufficient Water

    Most people know that it's important to drink around 1.5 litres of fresh water every day. This equates to about eight glasses, but how do you go about achieving this target? After all, drinking eight glasses of water does seem like an awful lot!

    The trick is to pace yourself during the day.

    For example, when you wake up try starting the day with a cup of hot water. You can add a squeeze of fresh lemon or spoonful of honey if you like. This will really kick-start your digestive system, providing a healthy boost and great source of vitamin C. It also means you'll be avoiding caffeine, which simply stresses your system and jangles your nerves! During the day, make sure you always have water on your desk. Either fill up a bottle at the water coolers, or have a hot drink on the go from the kitchen hot water dispensers. Opt for caffeine-free drinks such as herbal tea, fruit teas or even chicory-based caffeine substitutes. Keep a water schedule if necessary and stick to it. This might include having a glass after your breakfast, a herbal tea mid-morning and a glass of cold water before lunch. Also, try having a glass of water before meals, as you'll find it cleanses your palette and takes the edge off your hunger. In fact, you may find that you lose weight simply by drinking more water, as many people go to eat snacks when their body is trying to tell them that they are dehydrated! Eat more fruit and vegetables while you're upping your water intake. Packed with vitamins, minerals and other vital elements that your body needs, most fruits and vegetables contain an astonishing 80-90% water. You will soon notice a real difference in how you look and feel.

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