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  • Adding Festive Cheer to the Office with Water

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    Adding Festive Cheer to the Office with Water

    Why not bring some festive cheer to your office or home using a range of water-inspired creations? No doubt over the Christmas holidays there will be a number of parties going on. For your work party why not use water-themed decorations? A bowl filled with some water and red or white flower petals, with the addition of some candles is a very simple way to brighten up the table. Just make sure you buy some candles that will float on water, as otherwise your display will be a bit of damp squib! Similarly, keep your eye out for the one member of staff at the Christmas party who has a drink too much and thinks it a good idea to drink the water – there’s always one! Coloured water in vases can make nice decorations too, just make sure if you use colouring and flowers together, the two mix safely. You don’t want your festive flowers looking a little droopy! Ice sculptures can make a captivating centre piece to your office party, especially if you go for something novel like some face carvings of team members! Other sculptures which will no doubt be popular are the typical Santa Claus, reindeer and other such festive treats. Of course, ice sculptures don’t come cheap so you might find the Christmas budget doesn’t quite stretch that far. In which case, why not simply look for some moulds for creating ice in the shape of various festive themes instead? These can make a cute addition to the drinks staff will be glugging down at the party, or if you’re at home will get the kids eager to join in with some of the tasks in the kitchen.