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  • Advanced Mains-Fed Water Coolers – The Future is Here!

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    Advanced Mains-Fed Water Coolers – The Future is Here!

    Mains-fed water coolers are perfect in so many ways with the abundance of chilled, filtered water being one of them. Many customers assume, however, that the mains-fed option is only for busy workplaces where the demand for drinking water will be high. The truth is, any business can invest in a mains-fed dispenser, and as you would expect, as a leading supplier of water dispensers to customers throughout the country, we have an expanding range of dispensers on offer. What matters? Picking a water dispenser is about throughput, as well as looks and budget. But there are some other issues of which you need to be aware. Quality of the product is important to Angel Springs which is why we spend time looking at the background of each dispenser and machine we consider adding to our range;

    In-tank UV technology

    The bacterium can form in seemingly any substance, anywhere and anytime. In fact, the rate the bacterium establishes itself is astonishing; the rate at which it multiplies, frightening.

    Water, although innocuous in many ways, can quickly harbour all kinds of bacteria that if ingested, will lead to illness. Water dispensers, both bottles fed and mains-fed must be cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis.

    But prevention is the first line of defence which is why in-tank UV technology is so important. Ultraviolet (UV) light is 99.99% effective in killing bacteria, as well as inactivating viruses too. That means, the possible outbreak of Cryptosporidium and other nasties is almost eliminated.

    Want this feature? Opt for the WL2500 mains-fed water dispenser.

    Firewall UV technology

    The sign of trailblazing coming in its field is one that doesn’t sit still; it is one that continually innovates, creating new products and technology that improves equipment and services for their customers’ time and time again.

    UV technology and its impact on bacteria is nothing new when it comes to ensuring that water is purified. This is why the repositioning of UV purification to the point of dispense, just before the water leaves the tap, is important.

    Bacteria ‘invades’ substance in all kinds of ways; in the case of a water dispenser, this could be through air-borne bacteria as well as human contamination e.g. people re-filling water bottles without wiping the neck of the bottle first.

    This UV purification system at the point of dispense stops what is known as ‘back contamination’, meaning that the water is brilliantly pure.

    Want Firewall UV technology? Take a look at the Waterlogic 4 and Waterlogic 3 range of mains-fed water dispensers.


    The third line of defence in the possibility of bacteria contaminated water is the use of BioCote® film in a water dispenser.

    Bacteria don’t just enjoy the water; they ‘stick’ to surfaces too thus, the water may be clean, but as it passes through the system from tank to tap, it may come across bacteria on surfaces of pipes, etc.

    Stopping the growth of bacteria is how BioCote® works. This revolutionary product prevents bacteria from sticking to surfaces internal to the machine, which stop the bacterium from joining up and multiplying. This effectively prevents contamination, giving you and your workforce peace of mind.

    ALL our advanced water dispensers benefit from BioCote® technology.

    What are features are you looking for?

    Even the most basic of your advanced mains-fed water dispensers are packed with features.

    The WL100, for example, as well as boasting BioCote® technology also offers high-performance filtration.

    This means that the carbon filtration system ensures that many of the invisible chemicals and residues are eliminated from every glass.

    The Waterlogic 4 is possible the crème de la crème of mains-fed water dispensers. It boasts an impressive range of features but what makes it our most popular advanced machine is the temperature dispensing options. Choose from;

    • Cold only
    • Cold and room temperature, also known as ambient
    • Cold and a sparkling water option – perfect for hotels, cafes, restaurants and other service customers
    • Extra hot and cold
    • Extra hot, cold and sparkling water

    Even better our Waterlogic 4 counter top version. This compact and the Bijou counter top machine give you all the functions that you need. Choose from silver or black too!

    Which mains-fed water dispenser will you choose?

    It can be a tough choice. It depends on several factors;

    • Throughout – choosing a machine that can cope at ‘peak times’ is imperative if you want customers and staff to be hydrated
    • Budget – knowing what your business can afford when it comes to ensuring the best-filtered water is imperative too
    • Looks – there is no doubt that consideration is how the machine looks after all, why opt for a machine if it doesn’t sit well with your décor?