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  • Alan Johnson MP visits Hull as part of the BWCA Stay Cooler Campaign

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    Alan Johnson MP visits Hull as part of the BWCA Stay Cooler Campaign

    MP Alan Johnson recently visited Hull based company Country Wise Water Coolers as part of the British Water Cooler Association UK wide Stay Cooler Campaign to discuss raising the general awareness of the importance of hydration within the workplaces of today. Diane Stow, Managing Director, said: “Both bottled and plumbed in water dispensers provide an essential resource to help people drink water more frequently, by making it more accessible, appealing and refreshing. “During a time when workplace cuts are becoming more andmore commonplace, we want to send out a clear message that drinking water at work is good for productivity - and a cost-effective way to keeping employees healthy and happy in their workplace. It is also a critical component of a wider campaign to improve the general health of the UK population and tackle on-going health issues such as heart disease and obesity.” Alan Johnson MP commented “Countrywise Water Coolers is a successful company in my constituency. Raising awareness of the importance of regularly drinking water in the work place will not only improve employment prospects in Hull, it will also improve occupational health across the country”. The Stay Cooler! Campaign is highlighting research which shows that it is medically proven that consistent hydration for UK adults can help to improve workplace concentration, reduce headaches, prevent feelings of tiredness, anxiety and irritability – and help prevent many of the minor complications that can lead to lost productivity and absence from work. Just two per-cent loss of body water can result in 10% drop in physical and mental performance. The Food Standards Agency recommends that we drink six to eight glasses of water every day. John Dundon, Chairman of the BWCA and Managing Director of Angel Springs the UK’s longest established water cooler company added: “The message of the BWCA campaign is “Keep water coolers in the workplace!”. “While it might be tempting to look at cutting water cooler provision during tough economic times, the long-term benefits to workplace productivity and wellbeing far outweigh any cost savings in the shorter term.” “The campaign will show how BWCA members are playing a key role in water provision, pursuing technological advances in sanitisation and water quality whilst developing a thriving business that is both customer focused and environmentally sustainable.”