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  • Alternative Ways to Drink More Water

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    Alternative Ways to Drink More Water

    Looking for some interesting new ways to enjoy water? You probably already know that you should be drinking more water, but the thought of downing two litres of the pure stuff every day is rarely appealing, even if it has been sourced from the office’s water coolers! Of course, drinking beverages that are packed with sugars and additives simply negates many of the health benefits of drinking water. In fact, people who are on diets and finding that they're not losing weight often find that their drinks are at fault. You need only drink a couple of carbonated drinks, a sugary takeaway coffee or cream-topped hot chocolate and a glass of wine after dinner to match a large portion of your recommended calories for the day. Forget sugary drinks and start cleansing your taste buds with the fresh water that comes from bottled water coolers at work. Fill up a jug each morning and add ice cubes, a slice of lime or a sprig of mint to make it taste truly delicious. At lunch, try taking your liquids via fruits, vegetables, salads or vegetable soups, which can be washed down with a freshly juiced drink followed by another small glass of pure filtered water to rinse any fruit sugars from your teeth. Drink herbal teas, which are generally good for the body, as well as being largely calorie free. Green and white tea are particularly healthy because they are packed with antioxidants, speed up your metabolism and contain very low levels of caffeine. Caffeine is definitely the thing to look out for with hot drinks as it will encourage your body to release water and lead you to become more dehydrated. Good herbal teas include nettle, chamomile, fennel and mint. You can also get a great range of fruit teas and mixed tea combinations that are tasty, fragrant and delicious.

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