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  • Angel Springs Continue to Supply Water for Charity Events Throughout the UK

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    Angel Springs Continue to Supply Water for Charity Events Throughout the UK

    Charity services and provision within the UK is important. There are over 189,000 registered charities in the UK, many of them making a difference to people every single day. Angel Springs has long held the idea that being involved with charities and giving something back is important. And we are not wrong as research from some of the leading business minds, and schools support this notion:

    Corporate identity The research pinpoints that for many companies, being active regarding charity donations and support becomes part of the corporate identity – and we couldn’t agree more. Over the years that we have been in business, we have helped all kinds of charities and events, from giving our employee time to sponsorship as well as the provision of free chilled water at events. We have supported the Make-a-Wish-Foundation for many years and in 2013, we decided to get in on the viral storm surrounding the Harlem Shake! We made our version, uploaded it online, pledging that if it reached 5,000 views, we would donate £500 to the foundation. It reached way over 5,000 views, with our customers and supports lapping up our version of the Harlem Shake.

    Public relations Being a business in a community is more than just about providing jobs. It is about being part of that community. We work with customers across England, Wales and Scotland, and when we are asked for support, we do our best to help. This is why we operate a high-value customer loyalty scheme, but it is a UK charity that benefits. For every bottle you buy for your water cooler, and for every water cooler we sell, we make a donation to our chosen charity, the Make-a-Wish-Foundation. To date, we have raised more than £88,000 – and we think that very soon, this figure will top the £100,000 mark.

    Happier employees We like to think that Angel Springs itself is a community. We have some great employees here, and we want them to feel like part of our corporate identity as our customers. Charity work – donating time or expertise – is incredibly rewarding. But, it can also be a chance to try something new, to take risks, enjoy it and know that someone else will benefit. This is why five of our employees – henceforth known as the ‘5 Angels from the Sky’ – made a daring skydive attempt back in 2013. Parachuting from around 10,000 feet above the earth, the 5 Angels raise a staggering £1,600 for our chosen charity. Now we think this was incredibly brave but also shows the calibre of company we are – because of the quality of employee we have worked with us.

    Team building Every business knows that for a corporation actually to succeed, the staff team need to pull together and work in unison. Even when the chips are down and fate is throwing everything at you, you need to carry on regardless – and do it with a certain panache and without losing sight of the business aim. In many ways, charity work and events are one way that a company like Angel Springs can create an excellent team spirit. And it doesn’t just apply to the core staff team; it is true of the management team too. In 2013, our three directors took a 54-mile bike ride from London to Brighton. Not only did they enjoy the challenge and the scenery, but they raised £2,720 for the Make-a-Wish-Foundation. Supported by a very able team, and staying hydrated all the way, the challenge was a personal success, as well as a charitable one too.

    Networking opportunities Every business knows that to remain in business and to grow, they need to be seeking new customers and maintain their current customer base too. There are all kinds of ways of doing this, but we like doing it when someone else benefits. This is why we have the ‘Angel Mayhem’, a month of fundraising activities and events. We host some of our own and support other across the country too. This way, people get to see us and sample our product but also understand that we are a company with a mission to support charities too. Employee retention We believe that because we have employees who are not only good at what they do and ‘looked after’ well, and we have this view that it is not profit at all cost, that people stay with us. We support employees too, to take significant steps that challenge them – like our employee who ran the Wolverhampton City Marathon. A gruelling 26 miles, plenty of blisters but an immense sense of achievement and £891 to the Make-Wish Foundation.

    And we won’t stop. It is, after all, part of who we are.