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  • Angel Springs engineer Dave James and his mission impossible

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    Angel Springs engineer Dave James and his mission impossible

    Angel Springs the UK’s leading supplier of bottled and mains fed water coolers donated bottled water to a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts, last week who are undergoing a ‘two wheel’ mission impossible to raise money for the brads cancer foundation charity. Angel sanitisation engineer Dave James who is taking part has sent an update about the journey so far..... Hi everyone, it has been difficult to get any reception but here is the latest update from my mission impossible. I arrived at John O’Groates after 14 hours of traveling through the night. John O’Groates is very bleak and rainy. I left there on Saturday morning to get to just below Inverness. Six mopeds broke down straight away, and halfway through the journey my clutch cable snapped and I had to complete the leg by crashing through my gears. My bike also fell over and broke my break leaver, although these issues have now been fixed. Day 2 on Sunday I left Inverness to get through mountains in highlands, severe rain hit and made the journey difficult but arrived at Witch of Weir very wet. We left Witch of Weir on Monday for Windermere in the Lake District under heavy rainfall again. Arrived very late in darkness and had to endure storm conditions under canvass, and it’s now I’m finding things hard, however left the lake for Worksop and after a long journey have now arrived to nice sunshine for the first time. I’ve just finished a nice well-earned dinner and getting ready to head to Cirencester tomorrow morning. I will send you all photos as soon as I can! Dave James