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  • Angel Springs Means Business When It Comes to Water Cooler Supply and Rentals

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    Angel Springs Means Business When It Comes to Water Cooler Supply and Rentals

    Any business anywhere can benefit from the Angel Springs service.

    The provision of drinking water for your staff team is not optional– it is a legal obligation. ‘Fine’, you may think, ‘they can use the tap’.

    In many ways, this is a solution because here in the UK we are fortunate to be able to enjoy water clean enough to drink straight from the tap. So why bother hiring water coolers or dispensers?

    The answer is simple – water from our dispenser is cooled, it is filtered and it tastes and smells like water should… of nothing. No bleachy/chlorine smell, no chemicals, no additions, nothing. Just pure, filtered and cooled water.

    For those businesses with a large staff base, the need for continuous hot water is essential for the cups of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, instant soups, noodles and all the other drinks and foods that need hot water adding to them during the day. Crunch times of the day like morning break, lunchtimes and the afternoon break can mean the poor kettle is boiled not once, but several times over.

    It is not a cost-effective way of masses of people to make a drink etc. regarding both energy costs nor of the time spent waiting for the kettle to boil.

    There has to be a better solution, something thousands of businesses across the UK has realised and have invested in hiring or buying water coolers and hot water dispensers for their business premises. Isn’t it about time you also realised the benefits and joined them?

    Which sector?

    Quite often, a business will contact us to ask for a free trial or where we can supply water coolers and dispensers to. The answer is, we can provide our products and supplies to all kinds of businesses in all kinds of situations and settings.

    Our customer base is spread across a range of sectors and industries, including:

    • Offices including call centres
    • Industrial settings – the provision of water for workers and staff in industrial settings is important, as staying hydrated in such a situation is critical. Also, having a machine that is robust to deliver clean drinking water in such conditions is a must too, something we understand and can deliver
    • Educational – from secondary schools to colleges and universities, the provision of clean, on-demand drinking water is necessary but having dispensers that can cope with demand is just as important. Large educational establishments will opt for a mix of bottle-fed dispensers and mains-fed water coolers.
    • Health – again, an area of high demand, the need for clean drinking water for staff, gym members and patients in hospitals too, which is imperative for maintaining health.
    • Hospitality – the hospitality industry prides itself on customer service to its clientele and nothing spells out excellence more than a water cooler or hot water dispenser.

    This list is by no means exhaustive!

    Our water coolers and hot water dispensers are also frequently fitted to off-site locations too. Staff teams working in the field, e.g. a site office at a construction site, a selling suite at a newly built estate and so on, all need to have a water supply. Plumbing in mains water may be too expensive an option and so the ideal solution becomes a short to longer term hire of water dispensers, both for chilled and hot water.


    With a growing network across the UK, we are fast becoming a leading water dispenser suppliers to businesses from all four corners of the country.

    With such a large network taking shape, we can offer a responsive service without a huge negative impact on the environment. It is important that as a company, we care about how our activities impact on the local environment, as well as on a global scale.

    As a business, you too will be growing increasingly aware of what an environmental impact will mean for your business. Don’t compromise – work with a company that is as environmentally aware and caring as you.

    Giving back

    As a water dispenser business, we understand we occupy a sector of the market that has an impact on people. Lack of water can mean lack of good health; it means dehydration, it means poor concentration and more.

    There are some countries and its people that do not enjoy clean drinking water. Water-borne diseases cause all kinds of unpleasant illnesses, from which many people do not recover. Giving back to the community is something we do with every new customer we make, and for every customer we keep.

    We have donated thousands of pounds to the charity ‘Make-a-Wish’, our way of making sure our business retains a sense of responsibility and giving.

    Hiring water dispensers for your business is not about another gimmick, another tick box exercise. It is about giving your staff teams the best, as well as knowing you are contributing to a great charity – and not damaging the environment either.