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  • Angel Springs Offers Customers the Best in Water Cooler Suppliers and Service

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    Angel Springs Offers Customers the Best in Water Cooler Suppliers and Service

    Like all businesses, Angel Springs has changed, grown, evolved and thrived since its conception some years ago. Driven by a passion and a belief in our products and service, we supply a large number of offices and businesses across the country with delicious-tasting, filtered water.

    Water Cooler Suppliers

    We are proud of the growth we have driven in the past few years. But 2016 has ushered in some exciting changes here at Angel Springs. We are entering into a strategic fit with another leading water provision company which, for our customers, means one thing – even better and more unbeatable service from a leading supplier.

    Introducing Waterlogic

    Waterlogic is a long-established company who design, manufacture, distribute and operate ‘point of use’ water dispensers. Like Angel Springs, they understand the need for clean, filtered and chilled water in various workplaces, such as offices, schools and hotels.

    With a pedigree stretching back to 1992, Waterlogic was one of the first companies to introduce to the water dispenser or ‘point of use’ water unit to Europe. Over the last quarter of a century, it has grown an impressive network of supply and distribution systems, something that we at Angel Spring will be looking to take advantage of as we merge together. Waterlogic is not just based in the UK. They have spread their products far and wide across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Its UK strand will merge with us here at Angel Springs.

    Creating unparalleled service for our customers

    As a supplier of fresh, filtered drinking water and dispensers, Angel Springs understands the need for regular deliveries of not just water, but all the supplies needed by an office complex, such as paper cups. And yet, there needs to be a balance between the needs of the customer and the need to maintain a low carbon footprint. Sending out half-empty vans is not taking care of the environment. This is why we operate a fleet of different sized vans across the country that are the latest and most economical models on the market today. Using a range of 10 distribution sites across the country also means that we are able to service our office based customers quickly, but without too big a detrimental impact on the environment. The merger with Waterlogic UK means many things, not least the improvement of a distribution network. This means that as a supplier, we can offer a more responsive service to our customers, something that our current client base will enjoy as well as customers of Waterlogic UK. For new customers, they will be dazzled by the impact that this service will have on their business.

    National reach, local density

    This move effectively creates a national reach, serviced by local distributors. For offices across the UK, this means an improvement in supply of their water, as well as the distinct possibility of improved water coolers on offer. Currently supplying water coolers, point of use units and under-the-sink systems to offices and businesses across the UK, this is a welcome development for both Angel Springs and UK Waterlogic.

    A ‘buy and build’ strategy

    Every business operates in a competitive marketplace. In some sectors and industries, growing in what is essentially a fragmented marketplace can be difficult. Finding the capital to significantly expand their supply network can open a company to a huge amount of risk, both financially and operationally. The answer is the ‘buy and build strategy’. This enables smaller businesses to work with and merge with larger companies in their sector, opening up whole new markets. This is exactly the strategy behind the Angel Springs and Waterlogic UK operation. It also creates a concept of what is known as a preferred supplier of water coolers and point of use units to offices and business across the country.

    What this means for you, in practice

    As a reputable supplier of the latest water coolers to offices and businesses across the country, you will notice very little difference, in some ways. However, behind the scenes, we will be operating in a more effective and responsive way, exactly what you need when you call us to order more water, more supplies or to take advantage of our latest rental package offer. For great service that is going to get even better, call Angel Springs today and take advantage of our rental packages for small, medium and large business!