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  • Angel springs prepare to launch new blog

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    Angel springs prepare to launch new blog

    The UK’s longest established water cooler company in the UK, Angel Springs, are to launch their brand new blog. The company supply bottled and mains fed water coolers to companies across the UK, offering fixed and flexible packages to their customers, even offering a ‘pay as you go’ tariff. Since establishing in 1989, the company has become increasingly popular, supplying to clients such as Aston Villa football club, Barclays and DHL. The company gains around 1,000 new customers each month and is unique in offering a free trial period to their customers including delivery and installation. Angel Springs have already joined social networks Twitter and Facebook and are now launching their new Angel Springs blog to accompany them. The blog is to be launched alongside their brand new website, and is part of their new initiative to bring the site in touch with bloggers and social network users, to spread the word and news about Angel Spring’s latest services. Launching it alongside their current social network accounts will mean that more industry professionals and potential customers who aren’t already aware of Angel Spring’s services can be easily informed. The blog will include the latest information on Angel Spring’s products and services alongside industry and related news, appealing to industry professionals, customers and potential customers. The blog is expected to bring a larger audience to Angel Springs, and is to become a reliable news source for industry professionals and potential customers looking for information on the company’s services.