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  • Angel Springs Supplying Chilled and Filtered water to the London Hospitality & Leisure Sectors

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    Angel Springs Supplying Chilled and Filtered water to the London Hospitality & Leisure Sectors

    For over 25 years, we have been helping businesses in the South East of England to stay hydrated. With our growing transport network, we can deliver quickly and efficiently to business in and around the capital too.

    Simple and hassle free

    We don’t like to boast, but many of our customers will tell you that our deliveries of fresh water for their bottle-fed machines is so simple and straightforward that they wondered why they never did it before.

    Some also suggest that our deliveries are stealth-like. If we have an agreed scheduled for replacement (or have called to ask for more delicious, chilled and filtered water), we can deliver and leave without us being noticed…

    A large, busy sector

    The hospitality and leisure industry in London is massive, as you would expect. Since the successful hosting of the Olympics in 2012, the capital has once again become a must-see and experience place for visitors and tourists from across the globe.

    The Office of National Statistics tells us that in their latest figures released regarding tourists and so on that the number of visitors to London increased by 1.3 million to a staggering 16.8 million in 2013.

    All these people need places to stay, places to eat and places to drink. This makes for busy bars and restaurants, and busy hotels too. There are around 4,500 bars and pubs in the capital from which to choose, and over 5,000 restaurants of all kinds that both Londoners and tourists can frequent. It is, after all, a city that does not sleep.

    But these tourists do need to sleep. There is no official registry relating to the numbers of hotel bed available in London. But, in 2012, the estimates were that there were 123,000 beds for overnight visitors. Within 10 kilometres of Central London, there are estimated to be 70,000 three to five-star hotels.

    All these people need water. All these people need looking after and thus, not only do your hotel guests or diners need fresh drinking water, your staff do too.

    On your feet all day – dehydration is a possibility

    Many people associate dehydration with hot countries, which makes sense. As we get hot, we perspire. We lose fluid thus unless we replace it, we become dehydrated. You may be able to survive weeks without food, but only days without water.

    As your staff are busy, rushing around getting all those 123,000 beds ready for all those visitors, they will become hot. They may perspire, and they will lose hydration as they breathe too – they need to be consistently topping up these hydration levels to remain focused and on top of their tasks. Do they have access to delicious chilled and filtered water?

    They could, with our excellent packages:

    • A package for every business, no matter how big or small – we have three packages suitable for small, medium and large firms. Of course, if you feel you need a more bespoke response, we can great a package just for you.
    • Try it, like it, keep it – with our seven-day trial, any London restaurant, hotel and so on can see how the water filters will work for them. Try it for free with no obligation, an offer as refreshing as out chilled, filtered water.
    • No fuss, guaranteed – you are busy. You have a busy business to run and maintain; you do not need to be bothered with minor details when they can be taken care of, with no fuss. Remember, we are stealth like in our deliveries and replenishment visits…
    • Maintained – no nasty bugs in our water or the equipment as they are maintained and service, by us, on an annual basis by a qualified and trained engineers.
    • Giving back – we support the Make-a-Wish charity too. Every time you buy a package with us, we donate to this great charity. So far, we have raised over £80,000, and the total is still climbing.

    Right for you? We know it is!

    If you are a London-based hotel, restaurant or any other kind of catering venue and are in need of chilled, filtered water, then we have the right package for you, your staff and your patrons. Call for more information and start your free seven-day trial!

    See our Leisure or hospitality pages for more information, or call now for up to 3 months FREE Trial - 0333 600 1845

    or text TRIAL to 60777