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  • Back to Basics: Make the Most of Water

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    Back to Basics: Make the Most of Water

    Tea is the hot beverage of choice for many Britons, most of whom recognise its numerous health benefits. But the drink is often served as a milky, sugary brew. The problem is that the classic British tea is not actually all that healthy. Though tea is packed with antioxidants, sugar can be immensely damaging to human health. Apart from rotting teeth and gums, sugar contributes to the development of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Milk can provide a source of calcium, but its use in tea increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. While undoubtedly the healthier option, black tea is undesirable because a molecule called tannin (which is also in wine), can stain the teeth. Coffee is even worse. The energy boost it provides is temporary. It overstimulates the adrenal glands, causing fatigue later on in the day. It can also strip vital nutrients from the body, inhibit vitamin absorption and cause palpitations if drunk in excessive quantities. People ought to look after themselves by drinking less tea and coffee. Instead, they should drink more water. Cold, fresh glasses straight from water coolers are ideal and they can even be enjoyed with a slice of lemon. Water from a mains fed water cooler is also delicious, combining filtering and cooling to great effect. Eco water boilers are also a great way to enjoy hot drinks with a healthy twist. Hot lemon and ginger can be added to limit the impact of a cold, while white tea provides a burst of antioxidants, and nettle tea is thought to soothe the stomach. Peppermint tea freshens the breath and aids digestion, whilst chamomile tea can have a calming effect on the body. Sometimes the best drinks are the most basic. Herbal teas and fresh or filtered water are known to provide a number of important health benefits, especially in comparison to tea and coffee.

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