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  • The Benefits of Hot Water Boilers & Water Coolers in an Industrial Setting

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    The Benefits of Hot Water Boilers & Water Coolers in an Industrial Setting

    Picture the scene, if you will – of a hot environment in which many people work, creating a need for clean drinking water. But there are only a few taps to serve many people, and they are at the furthest point away from where your teams work. And then, should they want a hot drink, there is a queue for the kettle. The ordinary domestic kettle is not manufactured with catering for the masses. Hence, it is an expensive way to boil water over and over again. Likewise, the domestic kettle does not cope well with such heavy demand. Thus its lifespan is short. So all-in-all, not a great way to keep your workforce hydrated.

    A hydrated workforce is a productive one

    Each and every one of us has a need to continual hydrate. When we work in heat or, industry or dirty environments, inside or outside, we need to help our body to cope. As well as eating healthy and operating safely in the workspace, having access to drinking water is important.

    A well-hydrated body functions much better than one nearing mild dehydration. It may surprise you that on any given working day, whether an employee is sat at a desk or stood at a machine that the lack of access to water – and encouragement to drink it at regular intervals – means that a person could already be feeling the symptoms of mild hydration.

    The mid-afternoon slump is just as much to do with lack of fluids as it is a lack of ‘sugar’ or energy. You may, however, point out there is clean drinking water, and a means by which to make a drink; it is accessible, and it is not monitored, meaning people can come and go as they please.

    But somehow, the tap is not meeting the needs of your workforce but a water cooler and hot water boiler certainly can!

    #1 Numbers

    From a handful of employees to hundreds, the water cooler is perfect for having chilled, ambient temperature water on tap.

    The hot water boiler is also perfect for when your employee group is vast because there is always hot water. So at pinch points in the day – break times, lunch time and so on – there is no need to have several kettles filled to the brim, with queues of people waiting for them to boil.

    Not all watercooler need to be bottle fed. In the case of larger industrial employers, investing in fixed, plumbed in water coolers is a worthwhile option. The inner filtration unit cleans and filters the water, just like on a bottle fed unit, and can also chill it too, making it taste far better than straight from the tap. And there is no need to change the bottle every other day either.

    Thus, the convenience of water coolers and instant hot water boilers is second-to-none.

    #2 Locations

    It makes sense that the place people congregate for water is the kitchen. It is far more hygienic than filling your water bottle in the bathroom.

    But with water coolers you can place them where it is convenient and, in the case of bottle fed machines, you can move them too. So, if a location is not convenient, then move it to another – much easier than relocating and plumbing in a new tap.

    This is perfect for when you have a board meeting – simply place the bottle fed in the meeting room and then move it to another location when you are finished with it.

    #3 Clean & filtered

    Water from the tap in the UK is safe to drink but only because it is processed with a variety of chemicals to cleanse it of water-borne bacteria. This leaves a taste and smell to tap water. In some cases, you can also see a slight blue colour when you hold a glass of water to the light.

    While the need for these chemicals is obvious, it can be off-putting to drink which is why many employees will favour both the water cooler and hot water from the hot water boiler. The water is filtered, making it far more pleasant to drink.

    #4 Serviced and maintained

    You may be wondering if the watercooler and the hot water boiler are the perfect solutions for an industrial environment. In some cases, the environment can be dusty meaning that having water cooler place prominently within it is not a good idea.

    With a service package attached to the water cooler and hot water boiler, there are no such worries. The units are kept hygienically clean, meaning that there is not an issue with these units operating in dustier environments. Likewise, they are sanitised every three months so there is not a build-up of bacteria in the tap and inner working of the unit.

    Why stop at one?

    We are often asked how many water coolers or hot water boilers will be sufficient for an industrial, factory or another workplace setting.

    We tailor our service to meet your needs, a benefit of working with a leading UK supplier of water coolers and hot water boilers to the industrial sector.

    See more information about instant water boilers.