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  • The Benefits of Instant Hot Water Dispensers for Your Business

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    The Benefits of Instant Hot Water Dispensers for Your Business

    Who has the time or the patience to wait around for a kettle to boil when there are deals to be done and customers to serve? And yet, you still want and need your staff team to take breaks and stay hydrated during the working day. The answer lies in a hot water dispenser. We explore the benefits of introducing a hot water unit to your business, as well as looking at the difference between a dispenser and hot water boiler.

    The Low-Down on Hot Water Dispensers

    Hot water dispensers come with a variety of pros:


    There is no waiting around for the kettle to boil. The dispensing button is pressed and hot water flows - and always at the right temperature. The convenience of a hot water dispenser is obvious and much-needed in busy workplaces across the UK.

    Encourage people to take breaks

    When work is busy, it can become the norm not to take a break. The problems with this are many – productivity sags as people become tired. In terms of the health and well-being of your staff, you want and need them to not only stay hydrated but take the breaks that they are entitled to.

    What is off-putting when it comes to making a drink is being caught putting the kettle on – make me a brew as well – and the hanging around. But with a hot water dispenser, when a staff member needs to, they can make their favourite hot drink in seconds.


    One of the issues with waiting for the kettle to boil is that it has limited capacity. Most kettles have less than a two-litre capacity and if people take their breaks at the same time, it is clearly a piece of kitchen equipment that cannot answer the demand placed upon it.

    Hot water dispensers come in a range of capacities thus, you can get the right size to suit you. Just as you don’t want one that is too small to meet demand, you also don’t want one that is too big. A hot water dispenser with too big a capacity for your business, means wasted energy heating a larger tank.

    Energy efficient

    Hot water dispensers use a lower level of energy to keep a large tank of water at the optimum temperature for making a hot beverage.

    A kettle uses a lot of power over a short period of time. A dispenser unit uses a lower level of energy over a longer period and because the water in the tank doesn’t become cold in between water being used, it heats water quickly and more efficiently.

    Optimum temperature

    What is the optimum temperature for making tea and coffee? We are so accustomed to using boiling water to make tea, coffee and other hot beverages that we are now familiar with the ‘scorched’ taste.

    Tea experts agree that the optimum tea-making temperature is just-below boiling. And the same is true for coffee-making.

    For those staff who enjoy a herbal cup of tea during the day, they need an even more delicate temperature, as low at 70°c for some teas.

    Hot tap safety lock

    Of course, we understand that accessible hot water dispensers could also present a health and safety issue in a busy workplace, especially in public areas. There are hot water dispensers fitted with safety locks on the hot water tap to prevent any mistaken drawing of hot water, thereby avoiding scalds and burns.


    A hot water dispenser can be a floor-standing unit, or if you want to save space, opt for the counter-top dispenser. Both units have similar capacities in terms of the number of cups per hour they can dispense.

    They can be moved to other parts of the room or into the board room to accommodate meetings and the needs of delegates.

    And with affordable packages, you can choose to rent a hot water dispenser, taking advantage of scheduled cleaning and maintenance. Or you can invest in a dispenser and buy a unit for your business.

    Dispenser or Boiler? Is There a Difference?

    Hot water dispensers are a familiar sight in businesses across the country, as are hot water boilers.

    In effect, there is little difference between the two – they both offer the same level of convenience with instant hot water at the touch of a button.

    The difference is perhaps more in their design and appeal, than in their use or their capacity to meet demand for hot water.

    Hot water dispensers tend to be placed in work spaces, part of the office environment, but a hot water boiler tends to be part of the fixtures and fittings in a kitchen or canteen.

    Both offer many benefits. Both appeal to a busy workplace and its employees. Both are high quality items supplied and easily maintained by the technical team here at Angel Spring. And both options are affordable too.

    To find out more, why not get in touch with our team?