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  • The Best Coffee Substitute that Ensures You Stay Fit and Alert

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    The Best Coffee Substitute that Ensures You Stay Fit and Alert

    To stay fit and alert, especially if you are feeling tired is often not an easy task. Even if you are planning to work, go through the day after a sleepless night out, or recuperating from vacation. You can help yourself to feel fit, alert, and full of energy and not having to turn to drinking coffee or using alternative remedies. Coffee contains caffeine and any caffeinated drink is a stimulant that keeps you high, and then suddenly leaves the body and you crash. It is much better to avoid caffeinated drinks completely. You will find some helpful ideas to minimise the transition phase from feeling worn-out to being fully alert. The best coffee substitute will ensure that you stay fit and alert with ease. Choosing the best coffee substitute that ensures you stay fit and alert: Enjoy enough fresh air A sunny, hot or stuffy environment is a sure way to cause you to feel exhausted. Circulating clean air will help you stay fit and alert. Make sure you open your windows. In case it is very cold, slip on extra layers of clothing instead of switching the heating system on. Cold air flow is better to breathe in, this can make you stay alert. Physical fitness Include any exercise related routine right early in the morning. During the warm months, you could do a short early hours run and consequently you will find it very helpful in feeling fit and alert afterwards. when the outside weather condition hovers around a minus, you could start to attempt just a few push-ups in the room. The physical exercise can get your heart pumping, snapping you off a dazed state. Engage in active tasks Start out your day with task that energetically makes use of your mind. Very creative tasks, such as writing, sketching, coding or designing can produce better results as compared to passive task such as reading. By concentrating the mind, you could stay alert and eliminate any undesirable drowsiness. A very good laugh Watch a humorous video clip or start reading your chosen comic strip. A very good chuckle could refresh your mind, enabling you to stay fit and alert a bit longer. Do not miss morning meal Get out of bed early enough to find food to eat. Not eating meals in the morning can put your metabolic rate out of balance. This can result in you eating unhealthy food during the day, therefore piling on fat and suffering loss of energy. Leaving out breakfast means your blood sugar level will probably be low the next morning. Get sugar-free peppermint chewing gum It would not rot your teeth, also it is likely to generate just adequate physical exertion to help you stay alert. Strong peppermint flavours appear to be more effective for many folks. There is a thing about that freshly mint flavour. Move around You can observe the twenty minutes rule. Which means you set aside every 20 minutes to move around. After you get through that first few days, the desire to sit down for very long is often no longer needed. Get uninterrupted sleep This one ought to be clear. The easiest way to stay alert is usually to be properly rested. When you get sufficient uninterrupted sleep, it will probably be easier to stay alert and fit any time you really need. Creative distractions Give yourself a few minutes to visit social media websites, go through some interesting blog posts or do things that can help you to loosen up. You may find yourself re-energised and ready to meet the next couple of hours’ work. De-stressing that way for a few minutes could have a remarkable result, enabling you to focus more on your job, when you go back to them afterwards. Take a rest from screen time Focusing on screens such as your personal computer or any screen based gadget can cause visual as well as mental exhaustion. Take a rest from the screens and make a plan with pen and paper. Make an effort to stretch your vision by looking at objects near and far away, alternating fairly quickly if possible. Night sleep The apparent solution to preventing sleepiness would be to get extra sleep at night. Some people go around all week without enough sleep and hoping to create time for sleep at the weekend, this is not healthy. Rather, you can compress some of your work routine into the early part of the day, to make it possible for you to get the 6 to 8 hours of sleep you need every night. Low carbohydrate snacks Low carbohydrate fruits including oranges, apples, grape fruits and raspberries are amazing energy boosters and can help you to stay fit and alert. Try to avoid breads and other dairy products and even meats. Latest news and information from Angel Springs, the UK's leading hydration specialists.