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  • Boost your health and ward off winter colds

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    Boost your health and ward off winter colds

    Though spring is on the horizon, the days are still cold and dark – and for those who work in offices, there is an ever-present threat of colds and bugs. Without the vitamin D that the body generates after exposure to the sun in the brighter months, combined with accumulated winter tiredness and poor diets, it's all too easy to succumb to illness without a little care and attention. However, a few tweaks to your daily routine and diet can make all the difference. First, start each day with a mug of hot water that includes a splash of lemon juice. This will help to detoxify your system. Second, commit to exercising each day, whether that's a simple brisk walk in the morning or a more intensive workout. If you can walk to work and avoid congested public transport, then all the better! After your workout, you'll need to hydrate, so fill up at the mains-fed water coolers and enjoy a refreshing drink. A glass will be fine for the next hour or two. At lunch, opt for a healthy winter salad with plenty of crunchy vegetables and seeds, lean protein and a tasty dressing. Get another glass of water from the mains fed water coolers to keep yourself topped-up with the cold stuff. Snack on cruditts during the day, with a guacamole or houmous dip and eat plenty of protein throughout. Carbohydrates should be sourced from wholegrain foods – a mug of home-made bean and vegetable soup with a slice or two of healthy rye bread is a great choice and will hydrate as well as nourish your system! Finally, try cutting down on alcohol, get outdoors as much as possible and wash your hands regularly during the day to minimise the spread of germs. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.