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  • Boss? Keep Your Workforce Healthy This Winter

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    Boss? Keep Your Workforce Healthy This Winter

    The winter months inevitably bring with them germs, bugs and colds. Factor in the horrendous weather of late, and you could soon find your workforce reduced to a skeleton staff. Unfortunately, unless you have the power to control the weather (and if you do why on earth did you let these storms go on so long?) there is not much you can do in regards to the elements. When it comes to keeping your staff healthy in the face of colds and germs though, there is a lot more you can do. If you haven’t already, consider having a hot water boiler and water cooler fitted. The hot water boiler will speed up the drink-making process, and the water cooler will give your staff access to filtered drinking water. These two additions to the office will help fight germs for a number of reasons. The hot water boiler will give staff the option to concoct good old fashioned flu remedies such as hot water, lemon and honey to fend off sore throats, while the water cooler presents a great way to enhance your staff members’ water intake. You can even invest in a selection of healthy tea and coffee alternatives to pique their interest. Regular water intake is hugely beneficial to us for a number of reasons. It can help boost the immune system by aiding the delivery of various germ fighting essentials through the blood stream. It is also a handy way to hydrate the skin – not a bad thing when you factor in the inevitable skin dryness that comes with winter. To top off the water based additions to your work’s kitchen or tea making point, why not add a fruit bowl if you haven’t already? A fruit bowl presents another way for people to get their daily water intake. Many fruits also contain a healthy dose of vitamin C, a handy tool in the fight against bugs and colds.

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