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  • Bottle Refills for your Water Dispenser

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    Bottle Refills for your Water Dispenser

    What happens and when? And why refills are the best option for your business!

    Plastic bottled water, love it or hate it, has revolutionised the way we live our lives. From plastic carrier bags to plastic bottles, its use had simplified so many aspects of life that we cannot imagine a time when it wasn’t around. But, it has its downsides. Made from an energy-rich process that includes the use of oil, polymers, and other chemicals, it is a process that sucks the earth’s natural and non-renewable resources. Not only that, the landfill is full of discarded plastic items, from bottles to carrier bags and more. This is why Wales, and then England, introduced a carrier bag charge in recent years, to slow or abate the rate that plastic as being added to landfill sites. Taking decades, if not longer to biodegrade, plastic is the enemy as much as we may love it. Which is why, you would think, opting for the bottle -fed water dispenser or cooler would be a wrong move on your part. After all, as a company you have pledged that you will have a minimal impact on the environment in everything that you do. But we have great news. We too take our responsibilities to the environment seriously and empty plastic bottles from our bottle-fed water coolers never see the inside of a landfill site. And here’s why…

    #1 We re-fill the bottle time and time again You may, on some plastic water bottles that you buy from a shop, a note on the label to recycle where facilities exist, and the bottle is not ‘suitable for re-filling’. They say for numerous reasons, but one is that when you take the lid off and refill with ordinary water, it may not be as sanitised and as clean as you think. But we still do it and don’t seem to suffer ill effects, and it seems such a waste, doesn’t it, to ‘recycle’ it so soon? When we receive your empty bottled back, we sanitise them and re-fill them. This is a process we do more than one. In fact, we do it for as long as the water bottle can be sanitised and reused safely. But there comes a time that it cannot withstand the rigours of sanitisation, re-filling and transporting to another customer anymore and thus, we have to bid it farewell.

    #2 Recycled every single time. No exceptions. It is not a pledge or a promise. It is a fact. Our plastic bottles will never see a landfill site because we firmly believe, and know that when an item like a plastic water bottle is no longer of use as a water bottle, it can still be used as a part of something else. Frames for double glazed windows and doors can have a mix of recycled plastic and new; companies make pencils, pens, cups and more out of recycled plastic. There are kinds of things the empty plastic water bottle can become.

    #3 Not just the bottle, but the label too We don’t just use any old label. In other words, every time a bottle comes back empty, we don’t sanitise, refill it and give it a new label. We have invested in specialist technology that means we print one label per bottle that lasts it a lifetime. It too can withstand the rigors on sanitisation, refilling and transporting from us to you and back again, several times over and still look as good as new.

    #4 Everything in fact The process of creating and using bottles over and over again is not just about refilling and reusing. It is about ensuring that the other parts of the business also support these positive steps, and not detract from such a positive practice. This is why we are constantly looking at how we deliver and pick up your empty water bottles. We want to run as few delivery options as possible, without compromising on the great service that you have come to expect from us. This is why we don’t run half-empty vans or lorries. This is why as part of the re-filling process we continually review every aspect of our business, to not only give you a better service but look after the environment too.

    Simple yet effective Thus, you tell you when you are on your last water bottle, and we send our delivery team to pick up your empties and leave you with full water bottles. The empty bottles arrive back at our depot and undergo a sanitisation process. Once they are sterile, they are re-filled with water from land with a sustainable land management plan. They are then delivered to other customers – or possibly even back to you! – all with minimal impact on the world around us.