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  • Bottled Water Dispensers – Our Standard and Premium Coolers

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    Bottled Water Dispensers – Our Standard and Premium Coolers

    The advantages of providing fresh, filtered and chilled drinking water, as well as hot water on tap, are well documented. In a workplace environment, ensuring your staff stay hydrated is just one strand in taking action for their well-being. Choosing the right cooler, however, can be a little more difficult. In some ways, you have no real idea how much the cooler will be used if you are a new customer. You want employees to use the water dispenser, but likewise, you want the equipment to be able to stand up to the pressure of use; when the machine is not capable of dispensing the water demanded of it, it does not service your employees well enough.

    Choice of standard or premium

    Bottled water dispensers are favoured by many companies. Unlike their plumbed-in counterpart, they can be moved from one place to another, from one room to another as and when needed.

    Angel Springs have four bottled water dispensers from which to choose, although we stock a huge range of dispensers from various manufacturers. We think the standard and premium range we have on offer has something for every business.

    The Glacier

    Starting with our standard bottle-fed water dispenser, The Glacier is in so many ways. You will love the Greek-inspired column design, as well as the robust quality of the machine. Standing at just under a metre tall, with a width of 312mm and a depth of 314mm, it will fit in any office, even when floor space is at a premium.

    Available in with different options, including hot and cold water, or cold and ambient (room) temperature, this is an ideal basic water dispenser for an office. With a throughput of 10.8L per hour and 11.5L of hot water per hour, you can introduce your employees to great tasting water without breaking the bank.

    Even better, you can opt for white or black Glacier tower.

    The Avalanche

    This standard bottle-fed water dispenser is perfect for when you know you will need to move it as this is the mini-version or, table-top water dispenser. Light enough for one person to carry, The Avalanche is a piece of brilliant space saving the design.

    With an optimum temperature indication, you will know when the water is chilled or hot enough for your mid-morning or lunch time break. And when you need to keep it clean, its drip tray can be removed and put through the dishwasher.

    Opt for cold only, or cold and ambient or for convenience, opt for the hot and cold dispenser. Similar to the Glacier in its hourly throughput, the Avalanche measures a delightful 419mm high, with a width of 330mm and a depth of 368mm making it perfect for desks and countertops everywhere. See our Avalanche water cooler.

    Borg & Overström B2 (Tall)

    The B2 is part of the premium range, offering features that many offices and businesses desire; these models are also perfect for public areas as well as those where the demand may mean the machine itself needs to be robust.

    Standing at just over a metre tall, the B2 catches the eye without being a monstrosity. Its elegant good looks draw people’s attention. With a width of 325mm and a depth of 380mm, it is not an overly imposing piece of equipment for the office or the foyer.

    With temperature control and a removable drip tray as just two of its features, this is one of our most popular models. This bottle fed water dispenser also have a child-lock feature, perfect when you opt for the hot and cold dispensing option. Or, like the other coolers in our range, you can opt for cold and ambient too.

    With a throughput rate of 50 cups of cold water per hour, only decreasing slightly to 40 cups of hot water per hour, this is the perfect dispenser for busy workspaces.

    Borg & Overström B2 Counter Top Dispenser

    Still want the good looks of the B2 but with the added benefit of portability? Then the counter top B2 is the option for you.

    Boasting the same extraction rate as its tall counterpart, the counter top B2 also has the same robust build quality, as well as being fully portable.

    With temperature control removable drip tray and child-proof hot water tap, it is no surprise that this is a great bottle-fed water dispenser for any commercial customer. Standing at 475mm tall, and 325mm width and a depth of 380mm, this is the perfect addition to any counter top.

    Which bottle fed water dispenser will you choose?