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  • Changes to make to your daily routine in the summer months

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    Changes to make to your daily routine in the summer months

    A great time to change your lifestyle is during the summer months. With hotter temperatures and longer days, it is the perfect time to adjust your daily routine. Encourage yourself to try something new whether it be a big change or a small adjustment. Improving fitness at any time of the year is important, but during the summer months our bodies need to be fitter. When the climate is warmer, it is important for everyone to maintain high energy levels. By incorporating exercise into your daily routine you are allowing your body to cope better with the heat. Make the most of the fresh air and go jogging after work or go for a walk whilst on your break. Small amounts of exercise will boost your fitness. Be careful not to exercise during the hottest parts of the day. Our bodies lose water at quicker rates in hot weather and whilst exercising. Fluid intake in summer months needs to be high, so be sure to increase your water consumption. In the heat we are susceptible to dehydration and are at risk of heat induced illnesses like heat stroke. A water cooler at home and at work will help ensure you drink the necessary amounts of water. Water dispensers provide the chilled water you need at convenient times of the day. With the extra daylight hours, be inspired to get outdoors. Use your time in the summer to adopt a new hobby. Be adventurous and take up surfing – a popular summer pastime. Join a local club, such as cricket, tennis or swimming, which would easily slot into your current routine. Try a new activity every week and encourage family orientated activities. A small change that is easy to make during the summer is how you travel to work. It is the perfect opportunity to leave your car at home and perhaps walk or cycle. You can enjoy the better weather, save money and boost your fitness. Encourage colleagues to do the same and walk together. Change your family’s daily routine by walking your children to and from school. It is always important to eat healthy food. It is easier to eat healthily in the summer with a large variety of delicious fruit and vegetables in season. Pick up seasonal recipes from supermarkets and look out for different foods you’ve never tried before. Summer is a great time to consider dieting as we naturally want to eat lighter meals. Enjoy dinner al fresco by arranging impromptu picnics and barbecues. There are various ways to change your daily routine in the summertime. Incorporating exercise into your daily life is important and during the summer you are open to more options. As the weather is generally warmer you should be encouraged to explore the outdoors by enjoying new sports and hobbies. Improve your diet and fitness by trying new foods and drinking more water. Summer is the ideal time to make changes to your lifestyle.